How To Put Together A Fitness Plan You Enjoy

Putting together a fitness plan, and putting together a fitness plan you really enjoy are two completely different things. There are lots of ways you can research to put together a fitness plan, but if you don’t enjoy it, it isn’t going to be sustainable and you won’t stick to it long enough to see awesome results. It’s that simple! These tips will help you to put together a fitness plan you enjoy:

Work Out What You Can Commit To

When putting together your fitness plan, you don’t want to include anything unrealistic. You only want to include sessions that you can commit to. Consistency is key with any fitness plan, so make sure you know just how much you can commit to each week. This isn’t about getting results as fast as possible, like so many people seem to think. When you make this a long term plan, you can relax a little more and make lifestyle changes rather than unhealthy quick fixes.

Don’t Include Exercises And Classes You Really Hate

There’s a difference between exercises and classes you find difficult, and exercises and classes you really hate. If something just doesn’t resonate with you, don’t feel like you must do it because everybody else is. That being said, failing to do challenging things won’t get you very far. If you do a difficult class but feel amazing afterwards, you should definitely include it. You’ll get addicted to doing it, and good things can only come from that. Include exercises you can see yourself getting better at too, such as pull up bar exercises.

Keep Things Varied

Keeping things varied is key to enjoying your fitness plan. This is why you should do a mix of classes. If creating a plan for yourself that you plan on doing in the gym, maybe consider doing two weeks so you can alternate. There are lots of ways you can do it. Only you know what will keep you interested!



Get A Friend Involved

Sometimes, it might be nice to get a friend involved to help keep you motivated. If they have similar goals to you, inviting them on a run or to a class could be a great idea. Just bear in mind that talking to them the majority of the time is not making you any fitter or helping you to reach your goals! Flaky friends might rub off on you too, so make sure you actually go with somebody who is serious.

Make Friends

Don’t have friends who want to get involved in fitness? Make friends. Join a club or class and get chatting to people. You never know who you might meet! Clubs and classes are great places to meet people as you know they are like minded individuals. You’ll look forward to seeing them each week too!

All fitness plans are hard to begin with, so don’t let that put you off. Use the tips in this guide, and it shouldn’t take you very long at all to start enjoying your new routine and get into good habits. Leave your own thoughts below!


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