The Secret Behind Actually Liking The Way You Look

Everybody has their insecurities, no matter how much your friends or family may tell you that you look great or even that they’re envious of the way you look. You’re your own worst critic, but that’s a good thing. At the end of the day, the only person you should really be trying to impress with your appearance is yourself. Everything you do to improve your health or simply your outward look should be done to make you happier and not anybody else. Here are some tips and pieces of inspiration to help you feel more confident about the way you look.

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Have a healthy diet

It’s very important that you don’t misinterpret this. The key is to eat healthily and not to eat as little as possible. Many people fall into the trap of essentially starving themselves of important foods in the mission to simply cut down their overall calorie-intake and slim down. The goal isn’t even to slim down if you don’t want to. People come in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t matter whether you want to be curvaceous or incredibly skinny. All that matters is that you’re eating well and that your body is actually healthy on the inside.

The key is moderation. You need a wide variety of food in your diet to get protein (meats or Quorn, for example), carbohydrates (pasta), fibre and potassium (bananas), and the list goes on. Of course, you just need to make sure you’re eating everything in moderation. Even the occasional snack is fine if you don’t overeat them. Just make sure you opt for a healthy and balanced diet so that you’re more likely to stick to it on a permanent basis and keep your weight consistent. There’s nothing worse than trying a crash diet for a week, realizing you can’t live on sticks of celery, and bouncing back to an unhealthy diet and piling all the weight back on.


Much as discussed in the previous point, you need a consistent lifestyle if you want to improve the way you look on a permanent basis. As touched on in other articles we’ve done, the end goal of a fitness regime has to be finding a form of exercise which you can actually keep doing. There’s no point in starting to run if you hate running; that’ll only put you off exercising and convince you to give up. You just need to keep your body active if you want to keep it healthy and glowing.

The goal might not even be to look buff but simply to look toned and in-shape. If that’s the goal then you just need to find any form of exercise which motivates you and you feel you could keep up on a long-term basis. Perhaps taking up a sport would be a good idea if you hate going to the gym or jogging because they’re too repetitive. Joining a group or a club, whether it’s for softball or yoga, could be a great way to have fun and meet new people whilst barely noticing that you’re getting regular exercise.

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Fashion is obviously a big component of appearance. So many of us struggle with it, however, because trends seem to be continuously updating and evolving. Still, the best looks are the timeless looks, and that’s always the best way to go if you don’t want to keep up updating your wardrobe. You could head over to for a great new range of dresses for the season if you’re running a little low on inspiration. The key is to know your own style and preferences rather than trying to force yourself to wear something just because you think it’s fashionable, even though you know it really doesn’t suit you. Again, it’s all a game of psychology; people can tell if you’re comfortable in the clothes you wear and that’s what affects how good you look in them.

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At the end of the day, the most important part of looking good is feeling confident that you look good. Start pointing out the positive aspects of yourself in the mirror. If you love your hair then accentuate your hair. If you love your body then wear clothes which fit your shape well and show it off. Don’t shy away from self-confidence; it’s attractive, and people appreciate somebody who’s comfortable in their own skin. It’s not about arrogance but simply accepting the way you look and saying to the world that you’re happy with yourself.

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