September Favourites – Kefir, Eye Cream and Charlotte Tilbury

Well well well, it’s bloody October already, and I’m pretty glad about that. September has been mostly pretty shitty, and I have loads of good stuff going on this month and I’m so excited.

I haven’t done a favourites post for ages, and there are a few things in particular that I’ve been loving this month, so I thought I would share them with you! So here are some things I’ve been loving in September.

The Good Wife

I love this tv programme sooo much. I started watching it probably six months ago and binge-watched all of the six seasons that were available. Then I was ecstatic to hear that they were making one more (I thought it had all been over years ago), which I’ve just started watching now. Isn’t it so hard when you love a programme so much but you don’t want to watch it too fast and then it be over forever? I’ll be so sad when this one ends! I love the characters so much – I think Cary, Kalinda and Alicia are brilliant actors and their characters are so well done and developed.

The Good Wife is an American legal and political drama series about a woman (Alicia Florrick) who returns to work as a lawyer after dealing with a humiliating family scandal. It’s so much more than that though – I love the relationships between the characters, as well as the interesting plotlines, and I just have enjoyed watching it so much.

Kefir Milk

I’ll be writing lots more about the wonderful stuff that is Kefir soon, but it is a unique live milk drink that  contains enzymes, yeasts and multiple strains of live bacteria and is really good for you! Kefir is rich in antioxidants, antibodies and metabolites as well as some vitamins and minerals, and it can help improve your gut health with all its good bacteria. Our gut is responsible for so much to do with our health – be that good or bad, and I’m excited to see if it can help me with a few niggling health issues.

I think it’s really nice – it tastes like a very slightly sour natural yoghurt, but a bit runnier and I really look forward to having some every day, and love knowing that I’m putting all that good bacteria into my belly to fight off the bad guys! I’ve been drinking Nourish Kefir.

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream

I heard (or read) someone talking about this recently and can’t think who, but they were saying how lovely it is, and it is! I do like a slightly thicker eye cream, but I absolutely love the brightening effect that this gives immediately under the eyes. You can literally see the difference straight away. I haven’t been using it very long so I don’t know if I will see any long term effects (although that’s always hard to tell anyway), but the immediate effects are lovely. You can find it at Boots, here.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

I’ve been using this for a couple of years now and I love it. I just find it really easy to use and can whack it on quickly before the school run and it makes me look a bit less round-faced. It has two sections – a bronzer and a highlighter and they’re both really nice, plus the packaging is beautiful. I’ve read before that some people find the bronzer part too pale and that it doesn’t show up on the skin, but I’ve not found that at all and I’m not the most pale person.

It is expensive but I’ve had it for absolutely ages now and still have tons left, and I wear it most days. I just think it’s great.

Get it here.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I love this ‘beauty blender’ or complexion sponge from Pixiwoo and Real Techniques. I’ve seen these make-up sponges around for a couple of years now, and people seem to really like them but they never really interested me. I had a couple of brushes that I really liked, and the majority of the time used my fingers for foundation and concealer.

But one day I was in Boots and it was on offer and so I thought I’d give it a go – and haven’t stopped using it since! I love it so much. It somehow feels quicker than using my fingers, plus it’s nicer to use; I can cover my face in foundation really quickly and it’s still blended really well and then I quickly dab in my concealer on top of that.

I also really like it because I think it makes my foundation look a bit more natural on the skin – particularly if I dampen the sponge before. It seems to make everything a bit more glowy, I guess because it doesn’t put it on too heavily. It’s also really soft on my skin. I haven’t used my favourite foundation brush which I love, since getting the sponge – I love it that much. The only slightly annoying thing is that you’re supposed to replace it every few months, with it being a sponge, but I don’t think it’s too expensive to do that (and I’ll probably change it slightly less than that to be honest, because I’m gross and also have already lost track of when I bought it).

It’s £5.99 and you can find it here.

Do you have any favourites that you’ve been loving lately?

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