Signs You Should Put An Offer In On that Property Right Now

Maybe you’ve been property hunting for a while, or you’ve just started to look for somewhere new to live. Whatever position you’re in, there are a few signs that will help to point you in the right direction. If you notice these signs when looking at a property, it could be a sign that you should put an offer in – right now!

The Location Is Great

If there’s one thing you can’t change about a house, it’s the location. Hence why the saying ‘location, location, location’ is so popular. You can transform just about any home into your dream home with the right budget, but you can’t change the location. You can’t make it closer to that amazing school, or lower the crime rate. Make sure you’re 100% set on the location before putting an offer in on a property.

You Can See Yourself In It

This is a great sign; seeing yourself in a property could mean you’ve found the right one. In some cases, it’s down to the seller making some clever adjustments to the decor. That being said, there are some properties you just know you wouldn’t feel right in. If you can see yourself in a property, it’s another good sign.


You’ve Had It Surveyed And It’s Good To Go

Having your potential new home surveyed is crucial. You don’t just want a superficial survey. You want something that’s going to look at this property in depth, so you know that you’re getting real value for money when you put in an offer. You can look at this guide to RICS Home Surveys if you need further advice. Make sure you do your research!

It Has Potential For The Future

Chances are, you’re not going to want to keep the property exactly the same after 10 years, or even 5 years of living in it. Some people just move, but some like to consider their property as a ‘forever home’ and change it instead. You can have an extension, a refurbishment, or even just a complete decor overhaul. Whatever you do, you need to consider any changes you may want to make in the future. Not only can this make it more practical for you, it can add value if you ever consider selling it. Consider how your situation could change. Will you have children, or add to your family? Will you get a pet? Make sure the property is suitable.

You Can Afford It

Knowing you can afford a property is key. You may have fallen in love with it, but you don’t want to struggle to live in it. Make sure you do your calculations and know that this is something financially viable now and in the future. You may also want to consider any changes, such as whether you’re likely to get a pay cut, or have unpaid time off work.

Your Gut Is Telling You To

The gut is rarely wrong. While you do need to use logic and reason, your gut telling you to put an offer in is always a good sign!

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