Simple Steps Towards A Child Proof Home

As a parent, it’s almost impossible to keep track of your children’s’ every last movement. And if you are an incredibly busy mother, trying to hold down a job, a home, and look after the kids, too, it’s even more than impossible. But, with a little planning and sensible buying, it’s possible to create a safe, child-proof environment in the home that should – in the vast majority of cases – look after itself. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to think about. Read on to find out more!

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Safety first

First and foremost, your child’s safety is, of course, the most important aspect of designing your home. There are dangers in every room, every corner, and at every window. So, think about installing safety latches on your windows to ensure your little ones can’t climb out when your back is turned. Make sure all electrical points have child safety covers, too. And always use childproof stairgates – not just for the stairs but also for access to dangerous areas like the kitchen.

Storage solutions

Don’t forget the importance of having plenty of storage solutions for your home. Kids toys can easily get out of control and cover your floor, creating instant hazards. Slips, trips, and falls are the single biggest cause of accidents in the home. Unless you want to be visiting ER on a regular basis with your child covered in bumps, scrapes, and cuts, make sure you can clean things away quickly and easily. If every toy has a dedicated home, you will find it much easier to get your kids involved in the tidying up process, too – making your life not just safer, but easier, too!


Safety isn’t your only concern with kids, of course. They can also do more damage to your furniture, walls, and possessions than an overenthusiastic puppy! And, as tempting as it may be to seal up every item of furniture in your home with a protective covering, it’s not going to be pretty – or comfortable. The solution is to buy furniture wisely. Look for used bed frames rather than buying new, as you can guarantee they will be covered with scrawlings from the day your little one learns about the joys of using pens. Instead of a soft couch, look for something leather instead, which you can clean quickly. In fact, you could go even further by seeking out a distressed Chesterfield sofa. One of these lovely sofas will be super comfy, easy to wipe clean, and any extra damage done by your kids will look like it is supposed to be there!

TV, tablets, and electronics

There’s nothing wrong with your children watching the occasional TV show or playing the odd game on a tablet or laptop, but you need to keep it in moderation. You also need to keep everything out of the way as much as possible, so there is more chance of them being active. Remotes can be stored well away from reaching hands, as can tablets and laptops. Children have a natural tendency to spend hours using your gadgets and often complain if they can’t use them, so keep them out of sight and they will – hopefully – be out of mind, too.

Hope this helps – let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


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