Small Bedroom? Make the Most of Your Space with Our Storage Ideas

A de-cluttered bedroom is essential to create a calm space for a good night’s sleep. And for both children and adults the ability to create a tranquil environment for night-time depends on great storage solutions. So if you’re dealing with a small bedroom and you have de-cluttered as much as possible, the next step is finding the best way to store what you have left. Here are BedeBuys five top tips for making the most of your bedroom space.


1) De-clutter as much as you can. Be ruthless. With clothes, if you haven’t worn them over the last year, you’re probably not going to. If it’s still in good shape and worth something, consider selling it. Or give it to charity. Get everything out and create four piles:‘keep’, ‘sell’, ‘charity’ and ‘bin’. Go through everything else in the room. Are there toys that are no longer used, outdated paperwork, books that you don’t need to keep? Only hold on to what you love and what you use.

2) Make the most of the space under your bed. You can store a wealth of stuff under there, from toys to clothes and photos and folders. A great way of keeping it all in order is to use boxes – there are lots of plastic under-bed storage boxes out there, or for an attractive pop of colour or pattern, you could use prettily designed durable cardboard boxes. One great way of using the space is to invest in a storage bed. Streamlined and stylish on the outside, the bed can be easily lifted to reveal substantial storage space underneath. You could even use it to store all your clothes and do away with the need for a wardrobe.

3) High shelving is a great way to open up floor space. Consider adding shelving high up along the length of the room or in the dead space above the bed. This is a great place for books and attractive storage boxes or wicker baskets to keep other less used items in.

4) Make the most of the space next to your bed. If there’s room, utilise a small chest of drawers rather than a table to boost drawer space, and add shelving above for books and lighting. And if there’s not enough space for any kind of bedside table, you might just be able to find the space for a small shelf to store night-time essentials or even a small shelf with a built-in drawer.

5) Maximise your drawer and cupboard space. Add dividers to drawers so you can neatly organise all your clothes, and add extra shelving and inner-door racks and hooks to cupboards to make sure you’re making the most of the available space. You could also vacuum-pack out-of-season clothing – just remember to label it so you know what’s in there.


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