Smart Ways to Save Money When Travelling in the UK

It can be hard to save money as a motorist, and it can be even harder if you’re a passenger, but if you take the time to read this list you may be surprised at how much you can save. The internet is full of answers to many different problems. You can access deals and promotions, unique accommodation and transport solutions, and you can even combat every motorist’s worst nightmare – parking and expensive flights.

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If you know you’re driving for your trip, you might want to make sure you’re saving all that you can on fuel. is a price comparison site which compares fuel prices, and it can also save you money with its offers and promotions. You can find deals you wouldn’t believe on insurance and repairs solutions.

Comparative Sites

If you’re flying from England to Scotland, etc. checking sites such as Skyscanner means you’ll be shown the best possible prices currently available. Not only does this save you the hassle of opening sites directly to Easyjet, etc. but it also means you can see the cheapest time to fly, too. Check the whole month you’re currently considering and plan your adventure accordingly. Mix and match your flying to and return flights, and see how alternative airports could even save you money. If you’re working with more freedom, then consider last minute booking, as this usually means flights are heavily discounted so they can fill up the aeroplane.


With you can reduce the hassle of driving in a city by accessing the long and short-term parking solutions available. In terms of how it works, simply search your destination, book your space and arrive. Not only does this save you on longer visits to big, popular cities, but it will also lessen frustrations and stress.


This is a great accommodation solution for anyone wanting to travel in the UK. You can search in the location of your choice for the unique accommodation that best suits you. When you go onto the website, you can search according to location, price or your travel dates, and then survey the many options. You might only need a cheap room for the night, or it might be a luxury cottage for the week, or even the month. If you’re planning a trip in the UK and you need accommodation, then it’s definitely worth searching on Airbnb. Not only are they usually cheaper than hotels, but they’re more private and perfect for large groups who are holidaying together.

Couch Surfing

This is a different accommodation solution – once you’ve made a profile you’ll be able to browse all of the other profiles to find a host or a guide for the location you’ll be travelling to. You can meet people at the events Couchsurfing organises in all parts of the world to make contacts and friends you can stay with another time. Meeting local people is one of the main attractions of the site. The website allows travellers to make more informal arrangements with one another, once the website has put them in touch.   

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