Soul Health: Going Natural For The New Year


When it comes to developing your new year resolutions, which will likely be on your mind in the next month, it can be difficult finding a place to start. Do you once again bring up your goals of fitness, becoming a better person, or reading more? Surely these goals sound wonderful, and you may even have a degree of success with them, but they’re so common they can feel bland. We’d argue that in order to have the best chance of success, your new year resolutions must be specific to you, something that you can be proud of.

Unique goals are often more easy to stick to, for the sole reason that they’re interesting. They also work when they’re considered as something you want to you, as opposed to something you must subject yourself to. We’d like to suggest that in this modern world of chaotic news, ever developing technology and that accelerated feeling, getting back in touch with yourself and going natural for the new year can help you out. How can you convert back to more wholesome, earth-connected way of life? Simple, by taking the following advice to heart:

Switch The Cleaners

We often never consider which cleaners we used to scrub our property, so long as it works and it doesn’t cause any skin or health irritation. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t optimize the products you choose. Using healthier alternatives, such as non-toxic cleaners, can help you completely erase the harshness of these chemicals on your skin. Not only this, but they allow the house to feel lighter and fresher, as no hidden chemicals are used. We all know that ‘chemical clean’ smell, but is smelling and absorbing these ingredients through your skin truly the most optimal way to clean? Switching to this is a great place to start, and helps nurture the mindset of organic health.

Natural Bed Duvets

Your duvet is often made from artificial materials. While there is no issue with this, it can be a healthier option to switch to natural duvets. These can lessen irritation on your skin, and utilize all of the advantages of bird feathers. If you think about it, bird feathers are evolved over millennia to create a waterproof material impervious to cold. Not only that, but they can be much softer than the artificial counterpart.

The best part about these is that they are breathable while still retaining the warmth. This can come in perfectly useful during the winter, especially when having trouble regulating your temperature in the cold. We’ve all had that issue of getting the balance of our bed blankets just right, and these natural bed duvets help subvert that immediately. This is especially useful if sleeping next to a partner, and having to contend with body heat.

Organic Foods

We all know that switching to organic foods is a big boon to a person’s overall health levels. While on the surface it may seem that you’re paying a premium for food that tastes similarly and cooks in the same way, your body knows it’s experiencing a world of good. GMO and crops with pesticides, often those sprayed are banned in Europe, it can be almost a no-brainer to switch. However, this can signify a large jump in your overall food budget, and not everyone can afford that. Still, you needn’t achieve a 100% organic rate in your diet. That can be hard for even the most affluent person. It’s all about reduction, and getting the great food where you can. Selecting a couple of your most commonly eaten vegetables and solely choosing organic options can help in the first instance. So can eggs. Switching from pasteurized milk to organic raw milk can seem like a big jump, but the health benefits are amazing.

At the very least, stay away from processed foods with questionable content. In the modern world, there’s no excuse to put things in your body of which you know nothing of the contents. Making the effort to work towards better and more positive dietary goals transforms you into a better consumer, and connect you to services and outlets that you might not have known about beforehand.

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is simply a liquid concoction of minerals and vitamins. It is highly dense, and should be taken in a few drops daily with some orange juice or non-hydrochloric water. Often, when supermarkets and big retailers toil crop fields, they lose their mineral yield. The vegetables you consider nutritious and healthy, even if they’re organic, can be lacking in these vital components. Minerals help us in every way, from helping hair growth to skin clarity to general positivity and daily energy.

For this reason, picking up a bottle of a premium brand (which will usually last for three to four months,) can help you inject your life with a new, completely natural and totally wholesome supplement. Be sure to consult with your healthcare professional before making changes to your diet and supplementation, however, to make sure the food is right for you. Also be sure to check with a qualified nutritionist.

Get In Nature

The best way to become more connected with nature, over and above any other methodology, is to simply get in nature. This is so simple it can be hard to remember. We often switch everything in our homes to let nature in, and then drive to work and back, and stay in at the weekends. Make hiking part of your schedule, organize weekly trips to the local reserve, and learn more about your surroundings. This needn’t be a grim duty to carry out.

While the suggested exercises are great fun to experience, you can also make a fun activity out of it. Consider volunteering for the local conservation effort once a fortnight, or attending a beekeeping sanctuary with your friends. Nature has a wealth of benefits, and many fantastic people are fighting for its preservation. Connect to the core of where you come from, and you’ll be sure to experience a world of good.

With these tips, living in a more wholesome way is possible and advisable.

This is a collaborative post.

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