The Best Sound in the World, and The Sound of Happy Campaign

As a parent there are so many wonderful moments (as well as the tough ones) – from the moment you hold your child in your arms, to the first time they tell you they love you – but one particular moment has always stood out to me. Seeing your baby smile, and then later hearing them giggle is the most wonderful thing in the world.

sound of happy

After trying to have a baby for so long, hearing my baby laughing was something I had dreamed about and imagined, and it was amazing the first time I heard that little giggle. Seeing your baby happy because of something you’ve done or just because they are happy to see you is such a great feeling. Those times that they wake up in a good mood, see your face and break into a huge grin are just the best, and make all the tiredness and difficulties worth it.

C&G Babyclub have a lovely campaign running at the moment called Sound of Happy and they want to know what makes our little one’s happy.

I remember my little weirdo getting very excited when she heard the ‘Friends’ theme tune. She would crawl in to the lounge really fast and shake her little booty all about. It was the cutest thing, and being a big ‘Friends’ fan, I loved that she loved it! There was also a Nickelodeon advert that she loved and she would be so happy as soon as it came on and she would ‘sing’ and dance about. It was so funny and sweet. I think with both of these it was the fact that she recognised the tunes, so they made her happy and want to move about.

sound of happy

Of course the sound of her mummy and daddy’s voice always made her smile and get excited, especially after her daddy had been at work all day and then she saw and heard him and would break into a big grin – it was always so lovely to see. And I could always make her giggle with some silly noises or some bad singing! Making my daughter laugh and hearing that gorgeous little giggle is just the best thing in the world.

Nowadays, she giggles at the tv or when I tickle her, and it still makes my heart melt just like it used to. Hearing and seeing my daughter happy is the most important thing, and is just such an amazing and important part of parenthood.

Talking about babies makes me pretty happy (and even more broody if that’s possible), so I’d love to hear about what sounds make or did make your baby happy, so please let me know in the comments, or share on social media using the #SoundofHappy hashtag. I’d love to read them.

This is a collaborative post.

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