The Summer Wedding Guest Edit

Summer is here (depsite all the rain!), and chances are you have one or two wedding’s to go to this year. There are lots of things to think about when choosing an outfit for a wedding – you want something that will be comfortable for the entire day, that looks lovely, and you don’t want to try and compete with the blushing bride!

summer wedding guest

I thought I would bring together some of the gorgeous dresses that are in the shops and online at the moment, to provide some inspiration and help you find that perfect wedding look, as well as a couple of suggestions to bare in mind.

Wearing white at someone else’s wedding is still a big no-no, in my opinion. It might be an old-fashioned rule, but it is the brides day and she will most likely be wearing white – so let her be the only one. I have come across so many dresses when looking for something for a wedding that would have been perfect if only they weren’t white, or even cream – but this day isn’t really about you, so suck it up and pick something else!

I also think it’s quite important to find out what the colour scheme at the wedding will be – just so you don’t end up wearing a dress that is a very similar colour to the bridesmaids dresses. It’s not the end of the world of course, and I have been to a wedding where a male guest wore a really similar suit and tie to the male wedding party – the bride and groom just thought it was funny – but I do think it’s nice to check if possible.

It can be nice to have some fun with your outfit, with some playful accessories, or a beautiful fascinator, whilst keeping the overall look modern and smart. It’s important to choose some shoes that are comfortable as you are likely to be on your feet a lot, and you want to be able to dance the night away!

Here are some pretty dress ideas for a summer wedding…

The Summer Wedding Guest Edit

Inspiration for an Outfit for a Summer Wedding

Oasis have got SO many gorgeous dresses right now that would be perfect for a wedding. They always seem to make lots of lovely, flattering styles that are on trend and very pretty for the summer, hence so many being featured in this edit.

I think block colours look great for a wedding, especially when so many people will be wearing patterns – and bright colours like this (1) and this (9) will look really lovely and fun too. I love the shape of both of these, and I actually have the chartreuse one for a wedding I am going to next month. It’s really comfy and flowy but with a really flattering shape, and I love the colour.

Floral styles are always popular over the summer, and will always be suitable for a wedding. I love the modern look of this (10) Oasis dress, with the black against the contrast of the flowers. I think black can actually be quite cool for a wedding, especially if it is made more summery with a flowery section like this one, and worn with some pretty accessories.

The off-the-shoulder trend is huge right now, and I love this (7) simple and stylish Topshop bardot dress. It comes in a few different colours, and could be accessorised in so many different ways, and would lovely with a pair of wedges.

This (2) striped bird dress from Oasis is slightly more casual because of the relaxed fit, so would be perfect for a more laid-back wedding with some sandals, but could also be dressed up more with heels and jewellery. It’s a great option because it’s not too dressy so you could get loads of wear out of it over the summer.

There are so many beautiful summer dresses around at the moment to suit all styles and figures, but I hope this has inspired you if you are looking for something!

Are you going to any weddings this year?  Let me know which of these dresses you like or not in the comments!


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