Why You Should Take the Kids to Vienna

Everyone remembers traditional holidays as a child; trips to the seaside, ice creams on the beach and fighting others at the hotel for a space by the pool. Whether your holidays were to Cornwall or Corfu, these will probably still be prominent memories for you, but nowadays we like our kids to have more variety when it comes to holidays. We like to be able to teach them about other cultures, to take them on city breaks, to let them try out new foods, and all this so they have a wider breadth of experience of travel. Here are the top attractions that mean Vienna ticks all the boxes for a family getaway.

Wurstelprater amusement park

Let’s start with the obvious choice for any child: a theme park! Otherwise known as Prater, due to the large public park which this attraction sits in, Wurstelprater is hugely popular with people of all ages. Located in Vienna’s 2nd district (Leopoldstadt), you won’t be able to miss it, as it’s home to the famed Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel, which has become an iconic part of the Viennese landscape.

Aside from being surrounded by some of the most picnic-worthy parkland in Austria, Prater is a must-see for anyone travelling with children. It’s packed with rides, snack vendors, games and much more, and it’s never been easier to get there with a family since they built the huge underground railway in 2008.

The Haus der Musik

As you’re in the hometown of many a famous artist, composer or musician, you’ll probably want your children to indulge in a little culture whilst you’re staying in Austria’s capital. One place that’s had raving reviews for its ingenuity and innovative ways of getting children excited about music, is Haus der Musik.

Next to some of the Imperial era attractions, this one is practically a baby, having only opened in 2000, but it’s the first museum of sound and music in the whole of Austria, so it’s definitely not one to be missed. This 54,000 square foot space has a range of hi-tech, interactive, multimedia presentations that are second to none when engaging children and introducing them to the world of music, from the earliest human use of instruments to the music of the present day.

The Vienna State Opera House

While we’re on the subject of music, who could visit Vienna and not taken in an opera? This sophisticated pastime is deeply embedded into the heart of every Viennese person, and they’ve made huge steps to make this enjoyable for children, so as not to let it die out.

They frequently write and stage short-form operas to get children excited about this traditional musical form, and your child could be one to attend! If you’d rather they experienced something more traditional though, you can always pick up some Vienna opera tickets and spend an evening in the decadent surroundings of the Vienna State Opera House though.

Have you taken your children on a city break to Vienna?

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