Taking a Little Break…

mummy and A

I’m not feeling great today. I’m feeling very overwhelmed with everything I need to do, especially with A being off for the summer, and despite the fact I felt ok about not really doing any blogging stuff last week, and I’m also feeling pretty down. Last week I spent a couple of days having a huge clearout of Ava’s room and I got absolutely loads done, and it is almost finished and looking lovely. This week everything I need to do; blogging, life, and house-wise is laying heavy on me, and I’m panicking about how I’m going to fit it all in whilst spending time doing fun things with Ava.

I love my blog and I love having a place to write and share my thoughts online – it has literally changed my life in many ways – I now earn an income from it and it has brought some incredible people into my life. People I cannot imagine not having in my life now. But it’s very all-consuming. I’m not complaining at all; it’s completely worth it to me, but I think I just need a little break from it, maybe for a couple of weeks or so. The work side of it is pretty quiet at the moment, so it seems like the perfect time to do it whilst Ava is off. I might also take a bit of time off from social media as well, as I feel like I really need to spend some time concentrating on my daughter, as well as myself.

I haven’t been promoting my posts for a couple of months now, aside from a couple of tweets, and whilst people are still reading (thanks giveaways!) promoting my posts and having people read and interact with them is part of blogging. And it’s something I need to get back into.

I still have a few posts coming up that I have already written, and a few reviews and collaborations that I need to do, but other than that I think I am just going to take a bit of time off, enjoy this time with my daughter before she is at school every day, and try not to feel anxious that I’m not posting!

……I wrote all of that yesterday, and then today I got up, got breakfast for Ava and I, caught up with emails and then got to looking at posts that I need to write. And right now there’s no way I can take a break! I have a lot of reviews and events that I need to write up, and unless I could have a couple of days this week completely to myself (no chance), there’s no way I won’t have to be fitting in lots of blogging over the next couple of weeks, which is a bit sucky (although I am very grateful, don’t get me wrong). Plus I’ve suddenly been giving quite a bit of work to do – which is great, but, ya know.

So really, this post is a complete waste of time! But, you know, this is my blog, and sometimes I just want to share how I’m feeling, even if it sounds like a load of nonsensical rambles. I do like the word nonsensical.

I would like to still try and take a little break after I’ve written the posts I really need to write, because I’d really got it into my head that I was going to have a little break from it all, and it felt good!

So basically, we’ll see how I go! But I’m not disappearing anywhere right this instant!

Hope you’re all good, and if you have children that you are having a lovely summer holiday so far, and still have a bit of hair left! xxx

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