Modern Living: A Battle of Technology vs. The Personal Touch

Technology vs. The Personal Touch


Living in what is being termed the digital age has its upside. For a start – blogs exist. Before blogs, we all just used to keep our innermost thoughts to ourselves or write them in diaries. And those diaries were secret only, as we made clear by scrawling “keep out” all over them. Now, we publish those same things online – the Digital Age is a little bit weird, really.

Apart from blogs, there are so many ways in which life is more it convenient nowadays. You can shop online, meet the love of your life online, plan events and catch up with friends who lives thousands of miles away.

Technology vs. The Personal Touch


There is only one thing missing. When was the last time you received a letter from a friend? A real, tangible letter, written on paper and then posted to you? Probably a while ago, right? And even further if there’s a qualifier about it having been a handwritten letter. There are people growing up who will never experience that.

Technology vs. The Personal Touch


The problem with everything being digital is that we miss out on that sensory experience; the feeling of holding something tangible. As we move more and more towards a cashless society, this becomes apparent. Money is no longer paper and coins; it’s figures on a screen that change, and the things we buy just turn up at the door.

This isn’t meant to be a “this was all fields once” style pondering; it’s just an observance. There are too many ways that technology has changed lives for it to be considered anything other than wonderful.

However, it’s difficult not to think there are some areas of life where we should step away from the screen and go analogue. Even if it’s less convenient, more expensive or a combination of both – sometimes, it makes sense to go a little old school. What sort of events? How fortunate you asked…

To Comfort Someone

If it’s feasibly possible, it’s better to be able to comfort someone in person. You can send emoji or *hugs* in an email or over Skype, but nothing compares to a proper hug and the handing over of a soothing cup of tea. Obviously, for some friendships, distance makes this impossible and technology provides an adequate solution. But if you live near someone who is going through a rough time, visit them as well as sending them a social media message.

Invitations and Cards.

You can now buy birthday cards that are pre-written for you and printed out. The whole process is easier, but should it be? Does it take much to take a second to write out a birthday card, wedding congratulations or one of the Paper Themes save the date cards? It doesn’t ask much, but it shows that you cared more about what you were sending and its contents rather than just getting it done.

These are likely to just be the tip of the iceberg. What other ways do you think it’s still better to use the old methods rather than keeping everything online?

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