The BodyMe Super Energy Mix Powder {A Review}



BodyMe’s Super Energy Mix is a superfood powder made with baobab, guarana, maca, lucuma and acai.

Guarana has a strong stimulatory effect because of it’s high natural caffeine content, but unlike coffee the caffeine in Guarana acts gradually in the body leading to a more sustained energy boost. Maca root has traditionally been used for centuries to boost energy levels and has been backed up by modern research which has shown to improve performance in exercise tests.

Baobab, Lucuma and Acai provide important nutrients which boost your energy levels further. Super Energy Mix is free from preservatives and colourants and is certified organic. The powder can be used in juices, smoothies or just mixed with water.

I have been trying the BodyMe Super Energy Mix for over a month and I really like it. I usually add it to my smoothies and I don’t think it affects the taste at all which is great. With this kind of thing it is quite hard to tell if it is having an effect or not unless you take it on it’s own and don’t change anything else in your diet, but I like knowing that I am adding these superfood ingredients, vitamins and minerals into my diet. I do usually find that I have more energy after I have had a smoothie and I am sure adding this powder to them can only be a good thing.

I have tried drinking the powder just in some water but I really don’t like the taste of it. At first it tastes slightly fruity but then becomes very malty (the maca I believe) and then ends up tasting almost dirty and doesn’t leave a very nice taste in my mouth. I don’t get any of that when it is mixed in a smoothie though. This does mean that I don’t have some Super Energy Mix every day because (even though I would like to) I don’t have a smoothie every day. I have a shot of wheatgrass powder every day before breakfast, regardless of whether I am having a smoothie, because I don’t mind the taste but unfortunately I just can’t do that with this powder.

The BodyMe packaging is really great. The powder comes in a resealable pouch and the seal is actually really strong, unlike a lot of other powders I have tried, which is great and means that you don’t have to decant the powder into another container to keep it fresh.

It is available from independent health stores or online at and costs £6.99 for 50g or £19.99 for 250g. I do think that is quite expensive but these superfood powders do cost quite a lot in general because of their high quality ingredients and health benefits, and they do tend to last me a long time, putting a teaspoonful in my smoothies each time. Anything with Acai in it does also cost more from what I have found. A small donation from each sale is made to Healthy Planet which is nice.

Overall I really like BodyMe’s Super Energy Mix. It contains lots of great ingredients and it is easy to throw some in my smoothies for an added energy boost. It is a shame that because of the taste I will rarely choose to drink it on it’s own in some water, but I would rather that than it having added crappy ingredients to give it a nicer taste. The ingredients are literally baobab powder, guarana powder, maca powder, lucuma powder and acai powder; all organic. I would buy it again but I would probably look out for it being on offer if possible.

I was sent the BodyMe Super Energy Mix to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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