The Gift Edit for 3-6 Year Olds

I love buying toys and games for Ava and spending time researching them and finding the best version of it at the best price. I love finding something that I know she will love and play with or use loads, and over the years there have been some things that have really stood out; that she has now played with for years and have been brilliant value for money. I’ll often buy those same things as gifts for other people’s children now, knowing that they are likely to enjoy it.

So I thought I would bring together some gift ideas for children around the ages of 3-6 that I’d love to get for Ava or that she already has and I know she would love. They could be ideas for Christmas as it’s not sooo far away now (sorry), but they could also be for birthday’s, or just because they deserve to be spoiled occasionally.

The Gift Edit for 3-6 Year Olds

The Gift Edit for 3-6 Year Olds

I find that so many kids around this age love to play mummy’s and daddy’s with their dolly’s. Ava’s favourite thing to do at the moment is to roleplay with her toys. She’ll get her doll in her pushchair and put her little handbag on the handles and tell she’s off to take her baby to the park. It’s adorable.

I treated her to this Baby Born doll and accessories (7) over the summer and then she was lucky enough to receive this Comfort Seat for her – every night she puts her baby to bed in it and wakes her up when she gets home from school!

I find that both boys and girls at this age love to play with a doll, which I think is great, and they all seem to love pushing around a pushchair. Ava’s just had a cheap one for a couple of years, but if we had room I’d get her something like this cool yellow stroller (3).

A has been interested in what time it is for a little while now and tells me things like “it’s half past twenty o’clock”, so I’d really like to encourage that and I think this game (2) would be great, and I might get it her for her birthday or Christmas. Orchard Games do some brilliant games to help them learn whilst having fun.

I think all children will have played with some blocks or Duplo by this age, and Ava has a ton. But now I’m starting to think about switching over to Lego, and packing up the blocks. We saw some of the new Lego Friends bits at a Christmas in July event we went to and they looked really cool and Ava loved them. There’s such a wide range of priced products available so Lego can make a great gift whether you want to spend a little or a lot. This classic Lego box would make a great starter kit.

I’m getting Ava these Mickey Mouse Roller Skates (8) and I think she will love them! Her shoes size isn’t really big enough to have proper Roller Blades yet, plus she’s probably a bit small, so these should be perfect and they’re only £9.99. I remember having some very similar red ones when I was little so I can’t wait to see her use them!

My little one absolutely adores taking photos at the moment and lots of kids seem to, so I think some kind of toy camera like this one from VTech (11) would be a great present. I am actually considering giving her my old camera so she will feel grown up and I don’t need to worry about her using my more expensive ones anymore!

Hopefully this will give you some ideas of gifts to buy for this kind of age range, especially if you need to buy presents for someone elses children and you don’t know exactly what they like!

Let me know about any other great gift ideas for 3-6 year olds in the comments!

This is a collaborative post with Smyths. I was given a voucher in exchange for writing this post.

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