The Halloween Treat Table

On Thursday Ava and I decided to spend the morning making some fun Halloween food, and set up the table to look all spooky.

I don’t really do much for Halloween, but we were sent a few bits from the Co-Op, so with it being half-term I thought it would be good to entertain A with for a few hours. We popped to the Co-Op at the end of our street and bought a few more things and some decorative bits, then got our aprons on and got baking. I use the term ‘baking’ very loosely as there wasn’t much actual baking involved.

halloween treat table

We made a few things from the Co-Op magazine – the Spooky Toothy S’mores and Benjamin Bones, which we changed very slightly. For the Benjamin Bones, we baked a brownie, and then broke it up and it became ‘soil’, and then a pumpkin lollipop became his head with marshmallows as his bony body!

halloween treat table halloween treat table

We also made some healthy raw chocolate with coconut oil, cacao powder, cacao butter and rice malt syrup and poured some into cupcake cases and some into some pumpkin head lollipop moulds. I’ve said it before but I love it that Ava loves the raw chocolate we make – it’s easy to make and she enjoys helping, plus I can feel better about her eating it.

halloween treat table halloween treat table

We covered the table with a starry tabecloth that I’d bought recently from H&M, and spread some spooky napkins (also from H&M) over the table and then added some creepy cobwebs and spiders.

halloween treat table halloween treat table

There wasn’t really a point to setting all of this up and we ended up with a lot of sugar-filled treats in our house, but we had fun!

The Co-Op sent me a few bit for Halloween, but I bought most of this myself, and I wasn’t asked to write a post.


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