The Happy List #3

The Happy List No.3

This last week I have been feeling a little bit low. Ava now goes to nursery for two and a half days a week so on those three days I have to get up really early – which would be fine if I could actually sleep at night, but I struggle massively with it and so I am more exhausted than usual. I have also been getting really bad migraines again for a few weeks now and they are so frequent and so painful and it’s bringing me down. I seem to get them in stages; so I’ll get them for a while and then barely get any, but this time it is so much worse and they are lasting ages and are too painful to just deal with and carry on as normal. I can’t think of anything that has changed in the last few weeks so then I of course worry that something is wrong!

But I have been to the doctors loads of times in the past and tried all sorts of medication, none of which helped, and I have also had a brain scan too a few years ago and everything was fine. So I try not to worry, but it’s hard. It’s especially hard because I have more than ever to do right now but some of these migraines have been so bad that they have taken me out for the entire day.

The boy has gone on his stag do to Poland this week which is perfect timing of course, and Ava is being rather difficult at the moment, so I am just wanting these few days to pass by quickly so I can get some sleep and hopefully feel better.

This year is a good and exciting year, and I know how lucky I am, but it’s always good to stop and remember what you have to be grateful for; so here is my happy list!

1. We are getting married in 66 days!!! Actually, that is more scary that happy-making right now but still, I’m excited! The thought of being somewhere with all my family and friends and knowing that they are all there for us is just incredible, and I can’t imagine what it will feel like!

2. We are going on an amazing month long trip to Spain and Portugal with our daughter after our wedding. Sunshine, Chorizo, Manchego, Rioja, sand, relaxation, adventures and all with my little family – what could be better than that?!

3. I found out some brilliant news about a close family member today. I didn’t actually know there was possibly going to be any bad news but now I know that it is good news, I am so relieved and happy. It is these kind of moments in our life that remind us how lucky we are and how we should live life to the full and tell our family we love them. #Grateful


4. It is going to be June in a couple of weeks and so the sun will be coming out for longer periods soon won’t it? It’s got to surely?! Sunshine makes me very happy and I am very (im)patiently waiting for it to come back.

5. I tried on my actual wedding dress last week (rather than the sample) and I could get in it! In fact it was rather too big, but as I had ordered a size down to what the shop recommended I was worried I wouldn’t be able to actually get into it. But I could! I think I could have ordered a size down and had less alterations to pay for but never mind. It was exciting putting on the actual dress I will get married in!

What’s making you happy this week?

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