The Happy Song – Scientifically Tested to Make Babies Happy!

In August I wrote a post about the Sound of Happy campaign that I was taking part in with C&G baby club – in which I shared how the sound of my daughter giggling is my favourite sound in the world and makes me very happy. I love to hear my little one laughing, as I’m sure all parents do!

the happy song

C&G baby club are now on a mission to make babies happy too! Their research has shown that babies laugh at a lot of different noises; being with siblings, the sound of laughter, the sound of daddy’s voice, the ice cream van, blowing raspberries and the sound of peekaboo all make the little ones beam from ear to ear!

Working alongside a team of a thousand mums, dads and their babies, leading child and music psychologists and Grammy award-winning musician Imogen Heap, C&G baby club has created the world’s first song made from sounds and melodies that make babies giggle and fill them with joy. The Happy Song is the first scientifically tested song created to make babies happy.

The specially formulated testing process involving parents, Imogen and Goldsmith University psychologists Caspar Addyman and Lauren Stewart first started with mums and dads uploading sounds that made their little ones laugh to the C&G baby club page. Imogen took these sounds sent in by UK Mums and Dads, along with some previous scientific research and hypotheses from the psychologists, and worked her musical magic to produce four short tracks that explored different tempos, chord ranges and patterns, pitches, rhythms, performance cues and musical devices.

The first person to contribute to and hear them was Imogen’s 18 month old daughter, Scout. The Goldsmiths team then carried out a three-month testing process at their infant laboratory during which they identified the ingredients to create the ultimate happy song for little ones. It was played to and tested on 56 infants – monitoring movements, facial expressions, heart rate and vocalisations to see which parts of the song created a positive mood.

After three months of testing to create a final track most favoured by the babies, Imogen added the finishing touches and prepared the track for release.

Imogen said:

“I wanted to write a song that I could sing to Scout and that other parents could sing to their little ones.  I’ve never composed a song in this way before. I love the fact that a group of babies were ultimately choosing the direction of a song – vicariously of course via the Goldsmiths team.”

the happy song

The Happy Song is designed to encourage happiness and laughter for babies aged 6 – 24 months, and contains lyrics telling of parents’ love for their children wherever they are, which is a fact all parents can relate to. The 4/4 tempo was chosen as it is the most popular and easy to dance to. Imogen chose to compose the song in the key of E flat as it was the key Scout sang a melody in on the first studio session.

The research found that the most popular sound that brings smiles to babies’ faces was ‘boo’, according to two thirds of parents. Over half (57%) said their child liked it when they blew a raspberry, and 51% said their young ones like the sound of sneezing. Other sounds revealed in the study, some of which are included in the track, are kissing noises (43%) and babies laughing (28%).

Dr Addyman said:

“In the past researchers have looked at how noises and music might soothe or distress babies.  Rarely has anyone focused on what sounds make babies happy.  Our unusual team of parents, babies, scientists and the talented Imogen Heap each brought unique elements to the project, resulting in this fun, uplifting track that makes babies smile.  The final song is a clever mixture of appealing sounds, musical motifs and interactive lyrics that gives babies and parents a refreshing modern alternative to nursery rhymes.”

Louise Morley, Brand Manager at C&G baby club, said:

“Being able to identify what makes babies happy is part of our ongoing commitment to help mums and dads treasure and enjoy their children’s early years. It’s an exciting time for parents and we want to fuel, celebrate and support every baby. This song has been designed for parents to use at home, in the car or out and about, in those moments when parents want to celebrate their little ones’ happiness. The song can be used to create a fun and rewarding bonding experience between baby and parent. We’re proud to be encouraging happiness in all babies.” 

The Happy Song

The C&G Babyclub’s #SoundofHappy song is launching today! It is available to download and stream on C&G baby club’s social media channels, and on Spotify for parents to enjoy and help to make your babies giggle!

Here is a little video of the making of the song if you’d like to see. It includes interviews with psychologists, mums and musician Imogen Heap and summarises the eight-month process from idea creation to final performance…

Take a listen to The Happy Song here:

What makes your little one giggle the most? I’d love to hear about it in the comments, and let me know what you think of the song!

the happy song

Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club.

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