The Healthy List – November

The Healthy List on Birds and Lilies Blog shares a few favourite 'healthy things' from the previous month.

Once again I am sharing a few healthy bits and bobs that I have been loving over the last month or so…

The Primal Kitchen Paleo Bars*: These are a range of snack bars founded by Nutritionist and mother, Suzie Walker, that are free of gluten, grains, dairy, refined sugars, soya and vegetable oils and are made with 100% natural ingredients. They are hand-made and cold-pressed in the UK, which I love about them. There are four bars in the range: Coconut and Macadamia, Almond and Cashew, Hazelnut and Cocoa, and Brazil Nut and Cherry. The Hazelnut and Cocoa one is my favourite and tastes very similar to the Nakd Cocoa Delight bars. They are great for kids too, rather than a cereal bar full of sugar, and I am very happy to share one with Ava (well, reasonably happy – LOUISE DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!). Each bar contains no more than six ingredients. I love finding products that are convenient but still healthy and I can grab for Ava and I when we are in a rush or on the go. Like most other bars that are ‘healthier’ they are not particularly cheap, at £1.49 each but they are handy to have one in your bag for emergency’s, i.e hungry toddlers/mummys. You can get them from Superdrug, Ocado, Tesco, health stores and in a multipack at The Primal Kitchen.

The Primal Kitchen Paleo Bars

 Yoga: Yep, I am still loving my Yoga classes at my local gym and apparently so is everybody else. You can book the class a week in advance and if you forget to do it on the day, chances are it will be full because it is so popular. Each week the room is getting fuller and fuller and as yoga requires some space around your mat, it is not quite as relaxing as it should be, as you have to make sure you are not about to bump into the person next to you. They really need to put on another class with the same teacher. I still really enjoy it though and love the time to myself, despite the fact that it is getting more and more difficult to make myself go out into the cold, dark, miserable world outside, and leave my cosy little nest at home.

Carly Rowena on YouTube: Carly is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger on YouTube who says she is always trying to make food to go to her boobs! Me too Carly, me too – the dream, surely! I came across Carly’s video’s ages ago but for one reason or another didn’t subscribe to her channel. But I have recently rediscovered her and I am loving the content she is putting out. Recent video’s include ‘4 Healthy Snack Swaps for Weight Loss‘ and ‘How to Beat the Binge | Eat the Biscuit’. She is realistic, fun, motivating and knows what she is talking about. I always feel like she has put a lot of effort into her video’s and they are really inspiring (so is her body!) and enjoyable to watch. I love the variety of her content.

Kale Chips: I love making my own Kale Chips in the oven, with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and sometimes some paprika or cayenne pepper (warning: can be very spicy – I’ve found that out first hand!). I’m not very good at getting them quite right, so sometimes they are more soggy than crispy, but I still love the taste and having a snack that is pretty healthy. The trouble is I can (and do!) eat a lot all in one go, but at least they are good for me (I only use a bit of salt and it is Himalayan Pink Salt which is mineral-rich, unrefined and without additives).

Kale ChipsSource

So that is it for this month’s Healthy List. I definitely haven’t been as healthy this month and I’m finding it harder to keep up with the smoothie’s, exercise and generally eating well since it has got so much colder and the days darker. I just want to snuggle up in front of the TV with some crisps/chocolate/sweets and wine. We have had lots of poorly-ness in the house since the weather has changed and so there have been lots of sleepless nights, which equal very little exercise. I start doing it for a couple of days and then don’t do any for days on end. I drive past runners out in the icy cold evening and I can’t help thinking that they are nutters; crazy, inspiring, amazing nutters. I’m jealous obvs.

*I was sent these bars to try but as always all thoughts are my own and I genuinely like them.

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