The Little Stork and My Given Name {Children’s Book Review}

I love buying children’s books. I love buying them for Ava and I love buying them for other children as presents. If Ava and I have found a book we really love then it can feel really special and thoughtful buying that book for another child. It’s something that they can potentially get a lot of use out of and could have for a long time.

The Little Stork and My Given Name

A book that is personalised for a child can be even more lovely and when Ava received one from some friends of ours when she was quite a bit younger I really appreciated the thought and effort that had gone into buying the gift for her. It’s something that we or she will keep forever.

So when the lovely creator behind the personalised children’s book ‘The Little Stork and My Given Name‘ asked me if we would like to review his book we of course said yes please (we’re very polite).

The Little Stork and My Given Name is a book that was created with the aim of providing a truly personalised children’s book that can also have a positive effect on children’s lives. Positive thinking is a theme in the book and the messages are designed to help create positive thought patterns, which is a rather lovely idea. It’s always nice when a book has a lovely storyline with some important messages for kids to learn too.

The Little Stork and My Given Name Reviewreading a childrens bookMy Given Name book review

The book is just so beautiful – every page is so lovely and the illustrations beautiful; the colours are bright but not at all gaudy, and each page is full of things for your child to point out and talk about (Ava barely let me read the story she wanted to talk about it so much. I had to be a very patient mama, which I find pretty hard).

The book incorporates your childs name into it, and you can also select the looks of the child that most closely represent yours. I really, really love the colour theme used and the illustrations, it’s all so pretty and it feels a bit different to most other children’s books. It feels very good quality and it would make a really lovely keepsake.

Ava loves that there are animals in the story, which means that I do too, as she loves them so much, and it always gives us lots to talk about. It’s really interesting that in our book at least (the animals included all depend on the child’s name) the animals were all slightly unusual ones that Ava wasn’t quite sure about, so we could discuss their names and what they looked like, and she got to learn about some new animals!

The Little Stork book reviewChildrens book reviewMy Given Name ReviewAva reading The Little Stork book

It is definitely not a really quick read and it could be a bit longer if your child’s name is longer, and there is quite a lot of writing on some pages. I think that kind of makes it suitable for a wider range of ages, and it is a lovely tale to follow along with. The suggested reading age is 3 to 8 years, so it’s a book that can easily last a while and become a favourite.

The hard back version of the book costs £19.95 (and soft £17.95), which I think is a decent price for a beautiful personalised book that you would most likely buy as a gift, and that someone would treasure. The pages are printed on environmentally friendly paper, which I like.

personalised childrens book review

We really like this book. I adore the illustrations and Ava loves the animals and that the baby in the book is her. It’s a lovely book to read with your child both to enjoy the story, as well as to explore the message and discuss the characters.

My Given Name have also recently created some really lovely wall coverings for children’s bedrooms – I’m not always a fan of pretty wall art, but I really love these. Like the book, these are lovely and bright but not your usual bright reds and blues, and I just think they are so well designed. You can buy the wall coverings from Not On The High Street here.



We were sent ‘The Little Stork and My Given Name’ to review, but all thoughts and opinions are mine and Ava’s.


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