The Ones That Build You Up

I’m very lucky in life as I have grown up with a brilliant bunch of friends. The group we formed grew and changed during secondary school, then through the sixth form and University. Since then it has grown with partners joining the group who have then also become really close friends. It’s lovely. Now, many of us are married and in the last year people have started to have children. We don’t see each other as much as we’d like, but nothing ever changes between us, and we talk regularly. It’s a really lovely group and I love them so much.

good friends

I didn’t really make any friends at uni that I’ve stayed in contact with (except one), nor did I become friends with many mummy’s at baby groups, but I’ve never really felt like I’ve needed more friends – I don’t see the one’s I have often enough! Recently though I have made some new friends and they’re absolutely wonderful, and I didn’t even realise I needed them until I had them.

When the shit hits the fan in life you really find out (or are reassured) who the one’s are who really have your back and will always be there for you. The one’s who care about you and show you that they do without even thinking about it, and the one’s you know you can always count on.

the ones that life you up

They are the friends who always support you, and make you feel like a better person, more capable, who you can say anything to.

The friends who you’ve known for years, since school, and don’t need to see all the time but it’s always the same when you do.

And then there’s the ones you’ve only known a few months, but feel like you’ve known for years. The one’s who you feel you can trust with anything, who you can talk to about anything, and who are always there to build you up and be there for you when you are down.

I feel very lucky to have so many amazing people in my life, who I can count on to cheer me up, make me laugh and just listen if I need them to. I am very, very grateful for all of my wonderful friends – they make my life so much brighter.

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