The Showcase Cinema de Lux Makeover With New Reclining Seats

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I were invited to see the brand new Showcase Cinema de Lux in Nottingham. Last year the Nottingham Showcase got a brand new XPlus screen – a large format auditorium featuring Dolby Atmos™ sound, with the most advanced digital projection and screen technology.

Showcase Cinema De Lux Exterior

Now the Showcase has had another transformation, with new luxury reclining seats to enhance the film going experience. Every single seat in the rebranded Nottingham Showcase Cinema de Lux has been replaced by fully customisable recliner seats, taking the total number of seats in the cinema way down.

Before the film we enjoyed a few glasses of Prosecco and some canapes, which was lovely. And then it was time to see the new seating. We got in there early and got the perfect seats up high in the middle (although I would think all of them are probably good seats now) and sat down in our seats. Straight away it felt like we had a lot more room, the seats are a lot wider so you don’t feel so close to the person sitting next to you, which is nice. They feel very comfortable and luxurious and once I’d managed to juggle my wine, popcorn, handbag and camera I started to play with the buttons!

3002Showcase Cinema XPlus screenAt the new Showcase Cinema de LuxThe Martian at Showcase Cinema de Lux

I was slightly tipsy by this point so it did take me a minute to get the buttons right, but being able to lie back in the cinema with your feet up was absolutely brilliant. I did think of having a little nap I felt so relaxed and comfy. During the film, in the dark, I did manage to press the buttons by mistake once or twice and start moving which made me jump a bit.

Another really great thing they have done with it is put a solid wall between each row of seating (probably partly because then no-one could get in the way when someone is reclining their seat). It means that when you are laid slightly back you can’t see the rest of the cinema in front of you, which means you can’t see people fidgeting, which is lovely.

Showcase Cinema De Lux SeatsNottingham ShowcaseNottingham Showcase Cinema

The only slight problem (and it’s really not a problem, I’m just difficult) was that because the part of the seat under your legs can rise you can’t put your bag/camera/empty Prosecco glass down right in front of you because they will be knocked out of the way, which can be a bit tricky in the dark when you need to get something or put something down. But it’s really not a big deal. The back row behind us actually had a little table each, which would be cool. A ticket at the new Showcase Cinema de Lux doesn’t cost any more than before, but I presume you pay more for a seat with a table.

Relaxing at the new Showcase Cinema de LuxShowcase Cinema de Lux XPlus

The film we saw was The Martian with Matt Damon and loads of other great actors, and I really enjoyed it. I don’t always love space-type films but there was enough time spent not in Space in this one that I didn’t mind it at all. Matt Damon played his part brilliantly, and was very funny and the other actors, including Kate Mara (who I love) and Kristen Wiig were also brilliant.

Showcase Cinema de Lux and the new reclining seats are coming to Reading and Leeds next. Mark Barlow, the General Manager of UK Theatres has said “We want to make sure that visiting Showcase is an unrivalled experience, customised to suit our guests’ preferences. From the ultimate comfort in seating to the immersive audio visuals that bring films to life, every aspect of this cinema is designed to be extraordinary.” We have one other big cinema in Nottingham and I would already usually choose the Showcase if I was going to one as I can drive there (the other’s in town), but now I would definitely favour the new Showcase Cinema de Lux. The chairs are so much more comfortable than before, and it does feel really luxurious. It also feels less like you are sat there with loads of others, which is nice.

Going to the cinema is quite an expensive evening out nowadays, but I do feel like I would be more inclined to go now; it’s just that little bit extra special.

Do you go to the cinema much? Would big reclining chairs make you more likely to go?

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  1. 17th October 2015 / 5:53 pm

    Reclining seats is such a good idea – although I might drop off if the film wasn’t so great. Or spill my prosecco everywhere – you’ve clearly better juggling skills than me ;)
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