Thirty Little Things That Make Me Happy

After Monday’s post I felt like writing a bit of a happier post, so I thought I would write a nice list of things in my life that make me happy. There are lots of things in my life that make me happy and that I am grateful for; sometimes it is hard to remember and appreciate them all, but I know I am very lucky. Sometimes it’s just the simple things.



  1. My daughter. She’s just incredible. She can always make me smile or laugh, she’s always telling me how much she loves me, and she gives the best cuddles.
  2. Cheese. I flipping love cheese. Most cheese. All the cheese. Cheese.
  3. My husband. Most of the time ;)
  4. My family. I’m very lucky to have them all; they’re brilliant.
  5. My wonderful friends. I have such an amazing group of friends that I have had for years, and my blogging friends are great too. My closest friends are always there when I need them.
  6. Having my nails done. I only had my first ever manicure last year but I absolutely love having nice, shiny nails that actually stay put for longer than half an hour like when I do them myself.
  7. Being outside in the sunshine. Bright blue skies make me very happy.
  8. Blogging. Sometimes I completely can’t be arsed, but I do love it.
  9. Watching a tv series I love and am really into; Suits, Hart of Dixie, 24.
  10. New skincare. I love getting new products that might make my wrinkles disappear or my teenage spots vanish.
  11. Driving on my own with music blaring out and singing loudly.
  12. Wine. Particularly red, but I also love Prosecco and Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, especially in the summer.
  13. Exciting emails giving me and my family great opportunities.
  14. The beach. I feel very free and alive there.
  15. Chorizo and Prosciutto.
  16. Cuddling.
  17. Reading. But I rarely do it at the moment which is a shame. If I get into a book I will just ignore everyone and everything around me until it is finished. I get so absorbed in the story, and then I’m sad when it’s over.
  18. Watching Ava talking to and with her toys. She creates the most intricate scenarios and plays them all out with them. It is adorable to watch.
  19. Taking photographs and finding one afterwards that I’m really proud of and love.
  20. My iPhone. I feel lost without it.
  21. Snuggling a newborn. I am a very, very broody bitch.
  22. Seeing my mum after not seeing her for a while. Until she annoys me and then I need a break again ;) (HI MUM!!!)
  23. Writing. Sometimes.
  24. Music – I forget about my love for it sometimes, but then when I find some new songs I love I really enjoy playing them and singing along, especially if I am getting ready for a night out (that very rare occurence).
  25. Chocolate.
  26. Having fresh flowers in the house. Even more so if someone has bought me them. And even more so if someone arranges them in a vase for me. But usually it’s just me buying myself some Daffodils and I’m done.
  27. Clean sheets.
  28. Doing handstands in the grass, on a summers day, with bare feet.
  29. Going away for a few days. I love getting away from the banalities of everyday life like housework and spending a few days seeing a new place.
  30. Getting organised – clearing out some drawers and getting rid of a load of stuff always feels so good.

Here’s to more happiness and being less of a miserable cow from now on!


  1. Lesia
    2nd March 2016 / 7:56 pm

    Hi there
    Have to say you have lovely blog and your little one is just adorable :) never stops moving :)

    Thank you for this positive post! Little things in life is what’s really matters!

    Have a wonderful evening Xx

    Check my BiloBlog if you have a minute :)

  2. 4th March 2016 / 6:29 am

    I love driving alone just blaring the music and for some reason I feel like I do my best thinking than as well.
    xo, Michelle

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