Those moments.

those moments

Those moments.

You know the ones.

The one where she runs up to you when she sees you and gives you the biggest hug and squeezes you so tightly.

The one where she is fast asleep and snoring softly, and your gentle fingers reach out to touch her face, almost instinctively.

The one where she’s hurt herself and as the salty tears fall down her soft skin, the only one that she wants is you.

When she opens her sleepy eyes first thing in the morning, sees you, and gives you a great big smile.

Those moments of motherhood, of parenthood, the simple, tiny moments. The ones we live for, and the ones that make everything ok.

They are the special moments, the sacred one’s, that make all the hard times disappear for just a moment.

This is motherhood. This is love. This is life.

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