Throwing the Perfect Family Barbeque this Summer

Summer is on its way… or possibly it has already arrived, either way – it’s time we enjoy this rare treat of sunshine and throw a real British barbecue. Whether for your friends and family, or just you and the kids, having a barbecue can really help you get that ‘summer feeling’ and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Here are some tips on enjoying the perfect summer barbecue in your back garden this summer!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst-

British weather has a habit of letting us down and planning an outdoor event, however small, can feel like a bit of a risk as a sudden downpour can spoil everything. Make sure to prepare for a sudden weather change during the barbecue- you could be sure that everything can be quickly transferred elsewhere, or be sure to have some overhead protection just in case! If a big umbrella (likely to blow over the neighbours’ fence at the first gust of wind) isn’t your thing, companies like Unopiu offer shade sails which can provide shade from the sun, but also cover from the rain and they are fire-retardant meaning you don’t have to worry about the barbecue. Also be sure to have enough seating for everyone to avoid guests becoming tired early, and keep guests hydrated if the sun decides to make an appearance!

Get Crafty with the Kids

A fun activity that the kids can get involved in is creating garden ornaments that will add colour and liveliness to your barbeques! From home-made coloured bunting, to wind chimes, windsocks, wind twirlers, and many more, decorating your garden has never been this fun and colourful. All crafts can easily be done with items you find in the house, and can keep your kids busy while you set up the barbeque outside.

Don’t just Eat Meat-

Often the first thing that comes to mind with the word “barbeque”, is of course, meat. Nevertheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that veggies need be neglected either. There are lots of different recipes to get vegetables on the grill, and all of them as delicious as the meat ones. A delicious veggie combo to try at your next barbeque is the veggie skewer- just remember to keep the bacon off it!

Play some games-

In order to make the barbeque even more fun, organizing games for after the feast is a great way to keep your guests entertained. There are plenty of games to pick from that are all simple and nothing too over the top. Classic games like a sack race, water fights, giant bubbles (using a hula hoop and paddling pool) , and treasure hunts are activities that will keep guests of all ages occupied and happy for the day! If you have a smaller space you can still get some games on the go, you only need a ball and enough room to form a circle to have a game of pass the bomb.

Plan in Advance-

Of course you want everything to go according to plans, so planning in advance and making a list will surely help you out. With the barbeque having many different things that go with the event, it’s easy to forget the smaller details to the party. Details like: making a playlist, remembering to make the side dishes, getting the various sauces, condiments in advance, buying some ice to keep the drinks cold, and even dessert are all details that can easily escape your mind but if sorted before hand will take a lot of work off your shoulders on the day of the barbecue itself.

So whether it’s a small affair or a big blow out, barbeques can be so much fun. The more you can do as the host to enjoy yourself rather than having to do too much while all the guests have a good time, the better it will be. Aim for success and remember to keep your cool, even while grilling!

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