7 Tips For Saving Money Over Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year. People are in high spirits; fires are lighting and lights are sparkling. It is also, an expensive and stressful time of year for some, especially those of us who have children or large families to buy for.

7 Tips For Saving Money Over Christmas

That’s why I have dedicated this post to giving you some advice on how to save yourself some money over Christmas but still enjoy every second of it.

Make Lists

Who doesn’t love making lists? In order to prepare and plan for Christmas successfully you will need at least 2 lists. One for the groceries you will need over the festive period and one for all the presents you need to buy.  Once you have written these lists add a budget to each list and make sure to stick to them.

Try Something New

Have you a big family? Does buying each one of them a present break the bank? Then why not suggest something new this year and ask them to try secret Santa instead. Or perhaps you could try it with your close friends?  

Special Offers

When shopping in the supermarket search for bargains. Use coupons where possible and make sure to sign up for loyalty programmes. That way you can accumulate points or earn coupons over the festive period and be rewarded for your extra buying.  

Be Creative

Not everyone has to get a store-bought card. Why not get your little ones to paint your Christmas cards for family members? Likewise, for wrapping paper or Christmas decorations. DIY decorations will be items you can cherish in years to come and will have a lot more charm than decorations out of a box. If you are sending cards, then why not buy a multipack these will save you some money than buying them all individually.

Buy Online

If you’re short on time then you can buy items from your list online. This can often be cheaper and will save you time. You can get both groceries and presents online.  However, the downside to buying online is you miss the Christmas atmosphere and lights!

Sell Unwanted Things

7 Tips For Saving Money Over Christmas

Make space for the new presents that are coming by having a good clear out before Christmas. This is also a good opportunity to make a little extra cash to splash over Christmas. Use websites like eBay, Gumtree and Preloved for flogging almost everything from furniture, toys, clothes to kitchen appliances. You can use websites like Shiply.com to find cheap couriers to help get heavier items moved.

Return Unwanted Gifts

We all get something we don’t want at some point, whether it’s a shirt that’s 3 sizes too big or a book we will never read. Don’t let them get wasted take them back to the shop and get something you will use. Not every shop will let you have a refund especially if you don’t have the receipt but most will let you exchange something so long as it still has tags on it.

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