Toys From Our Childhood

Old toys

I love thinking about the toys that my sister and I used to have when we were little. Some were mine and some were hers, but I’m sure that we shared them perfectly, being such good little girls and all….

There are some in particular that I remember and that I loved and many that I wish my mum had kept so that they could now be passed on to Ava. It’s funny, my mum isn’t like me and didn’t keep any of our toys because she’s not a sentimental old fool like me. I’ll probably have an attic (+house+garden+car) full of ‘stuff’ that I’ve kept for sentimental value when I’m a wrinkly old cat lady. I think it would be lovely to have a toy that is passed down through the generations and just lasts and lasts. It would be nice for us to start that tradition with one of Ava’s toys.

I think a lot of the old traditional toys were nicer than some of the more modern versions; or maybe that’s just my old nostalgic self talking. There are tons of wonderful toys available today, but my heart belongs to those that were available when I was little and I love finding things for Ava that are the same as I used to own.

I love that some toys that I played with when I was little are still around today (approximately 23 years later!) and they still look the same (at least to me); such as Sylvanian Families. When I was little I had a Sylvanian families horse and cart that I can remember playing with, which is funny because my mum says that I didn’t play with it a lot. I can also remember playing at my cousins house with their Sylvanian Families. I can imagine Ava and I (and probably Daddy too) enjoying playing with these together when she is a bit older. Fisher Price in particular are really good at making more modern versions of some of their older toys, and they’ve even re-made some of the old classics for today – shows I’m not the only sentimental one out there!

Do you remember playing with any toys when you were small that are still around today? Or have you still got some of them?

This is a sponsored post on behalf on John Lewis, but all thoughts are my own and completely genuine.

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