Try Boutique Dresses At Home, With Duchess London

In today’s world it is pretty much a given that we are all super busy. Luckily for me as a mother who works from home, it doesn’t really matter what I look like. I still want to look and feel nice of course, and I will dress a bit smarter for any events I attend; but I don’t have to look professional and smart at all times. Leggings are allowed ;)

Generally I am happy about that, although I do miss dressing up in a nice pencil skirt, a blouse and heels and actually feeling like a grown up for once.

For those women who do live a busy city lifestyle, with a hectic schedule, shopping for those professional outfits that are required every day can be very time consuming. This is where My Fitting Room comes in.

Try Boutique Dresses At Home

My Fitting Room is a concept that has just been launched by Duchess London, a young London-based fashion company. It offers people the opportunity to try boutique dresses before you buy – items are sent to their home where they are able to try them on in comfort and decide whether to buy any or to return them.

The founder of Duchess London, Mariangela D’Addato, thinks this is an effective solution for those with a persistent work schedule that a London job demands. Her aim is to provide dresses that are smart and professional, and suitable for both any working environment or social setting. My Fitting Room allows busy women to find the perfect dress whilst fitting shopping into their hectic schedule. It is the only fashion brand in Europe to offer this service.

How My Fitting Room works

  1. Choose up to 3 dresses. They’ll be delivered to you for free.
  2. Try them out in the comfort of your home. You’ll have 24 hours to make up your mind.
  3. Keep what you want to buy. You’ll be charged only at this point if you decide to buy.
  4. Return what you do not want. Pick-up for the next day will be arranged.

I think it’s a great idea for professional women, and I think it will be very popular. The dresses available are classically beautiful and stylish, sometimes with a little twist. The Audrey Hepburn Dress for example is smart and elegant and would work very well for daytime with  a blouse underneath or a jacket over the top – and then it has a more interesting cut-out back to make it great for evening time also. It was also worn by Pixie Lott in the publicity for ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’!

Try Boutique Dresses At Home

Try Boutique Dresses At Home

The dresses are expensive (the Hepburn dress is £345), so this concept obviously has a clear target audience – it’s not for your average work-from-home mum like me. But I do think it could be great for those women who need a smart dress very quickly and who are very short on time. I think as the concept has been around for longer and there are a wider range of styles available it could be very popular, and I can imagine this being a very word of mouth service – it is the kind of thing I would expect women to recommend to their friends if they are happy with the service.

Plus the dresses are all high quality; created by a group of designers and an experienced production team – they are stylishly cut, made from the finest quality materials, and manufactured to exacting standards. By buying a dress this way, and trying it at home in your own time you can be sure you are happy with it, without the pressure, and make an investment in the pieces you love.

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