Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Kids To Go Outside More

It’s hard to encourage children to get some fresh air when there is so many things to now do inside. However, getting them outside and being active will benefit their health as it reduces obesity and high blood pressure. It also improves their wellbeing and social skills by playing outdoors. Here is your ultimate guide to getting your kids to go outside more and enjoy the fresh air.



Get a family pet

One top way of getting your kid to go outside more is by getting a family pet. They require daily exercise so will need to go in the garden. It means your kid will go and play with them in the outdoors. Dogs need walks every day as well, so this will encourage your child to take them and get some fresh air. You should consider whether you have the time for a pet before you go and rehome one, though.



Buy some bikes

Another way you can get your kids to go outside more and get fresh air is by buying some bikes. They will be excited to use their new bike, so will go outdoors with it and cycle around the street. You can all go on bike rides together which will help them to get out more and get some exercise. Remember to keep their bike safe when they aren’t using it by putting it in the shed or garage. It might be worth getting some insurance so that if it does get taken, you are protected. You should compare cycle insurance to ensure you are getting the cheapest deal.



Buy some outdoor play equipment

You can also encourage your child to turn off the iPad and get outside by purchasing some outdoor playground equipment. A slide or swing is ideal if you want your kids to play outside more. A climbing frame will also encourage them to get outside and start playing. You should check out the best sets for your garden available from stores such as Tesco. You could get them a goal set to encourage your children to go out and play. A trampoline is also a great option to get your kids outdoors. It’s something they will use even when they are teenagers.

Go camping

Another way to get your kids to go outside more is by going camping. It will give your child a new insight into nature and the outdoors. It also gives you the opportunity to figure out as a team what you need to get for the camping experience, such as picking a nice, bright flashlight or sticks to roast marshmallows on. They will get to see lots of wildlife, and they will spend more time outdoors when they get back from the camping break. You could even buy a tent to use in your garden which will get them outside and spending time in the garden.

Get gardening

You can also encourage your kids to get outside more by getting them to help you with gardening. It teaches them about nutrition and life cycles. And as this article reveals, children who plant vegetable gardens tend to make healthy choices when they grow up.



You should make sure your kids have a set time they can use their devices for. That way, they will spend more time outdoors getting active if they can’t go on the PS4!

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