Wavy Hair, Lemon Cake and Elephants #LittleLoves

Hello! This week has been a pretty busy one. Later today we are travelling to Whitby for a few days, and so this week I have been rushing around getting things done and trying to do some work. I’ve also been a bit up and down this week – a family member is ill and I can’t stop thinking about them all, and it’s making me think a lot about life and living it to the full (which was actually my ‘motto’ in my school yearbook!!). Anyway.. enough serious stuff….

little loves linky

Welcome to this weeks Little Loves!


I haven’t started that hypothetical book that I mentioned last week – but! as I’m going to Whitby at the weekend I’m determined to start reading in the car at least! I probably won’t pick it up for the rest of the weekend, due to children, dogs and having too much fun, but Imma gonna try!


Ava playing with her little cousin at Grandma’s house at the weekend. She suddenly really loves to play with him and chase him around and he loves her so much – it’s bloody adorable to watch, and I’ve wanted that for a long time; it makes me very happy to see. Watching her hold her arms out to him and then him resting his head against her chest is the cutest thing in the world!



The other morning I was driving to the shops after dropping Ava at nursery; the sun was shining and I had the whole day to get some work done and run some errands – then ‘No Diggity’ came on the radio – and it was one of those times where you just feel really happy to be driving along, on your own, with your music blaring and singing along loudly. I love it!

And it’s still such a great song…


Since I got my hair cut shorter a couple of weeks ago, I’m really enjoying wearing it messier and wavy. Curls don’t stay in great in my hair, but I prefer them once they have fallen out a bit anyway. I always seem to have one side that goes well though and the other side looks a bit crap, but I think I’m getting better at it.

You can’t massively tell what it looks like properly in this photo, but whatever Trevor, I don’t look awful like in most photos, so this is the one you’re getting. I’ve also been living in my leather jacket from River Island – I love it so much; it’s so easy to just throw on, keep warm and make an outfit a bit cooler. I always dread giving it up when it starts to get properly warmer, even though I can’t wait for that to happen.

wavy hair and leather jacket

I bought Ava a load of clothes from Next (there’s so many lovely dresses and other bits – I can’t wait for summer!) this week and I love this simple denim dress on her. I think she looks so grown up.



We actually made some things this week! I know, it’s pretty shocking. We made the lovely lemon cake that I mentioned last week from Kerry’s blog (actually I made two – one for the boy’s work) and it actually turned out well! My baking does not tend to turn out well, so I’m very pleased. I may also have completely destroyed three pieces in quick succession – hellooooooo sugar.

lemon loaf cakelovely lemon loaf cake

Ava and her Daddy also made this crafty elephant…

making a craft elephantcrafting with Acraft elephant

And lastly…

We are off to Whitby tonight and I am so looking forward to it. I need to get away from the house for a few days, get some fresh (probably very fresh knowing the English seaside) air, play on the beach and just try and relax for a bit.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend xx



  1. 29th April 2016 / 12:48 pm

    I’m soooooo pleased you made the cake and thank you for mentioning it here. Makes me very happy! Also makes me want to go an bake my very own right now!! Have a lovely time away and i hope it gives you the opportunity to have a break from worrying about your family. I know what you mean about putting things into perspective, I think that sort of thing always does. I’m loving your hair, i thought you’d had it cut in your snapchats, looking good. I’m thinking of getting a fringe back, but I’ not sure I can be bothered with the daily faff. I love that little denim dress, I want one of my own xxxxxx
    Kerry recently posted..Spring Shoes, Courtney Barnett, & PaintingMy Profile

  2. 2nd May 2016 / 6:27 pm

    I love the dress. I’ve just bought a few dresses from next for my daughter too. I hope you have had a lovely time in Whitby. I love lemon cakes, yours look delicious.

  3. 3rd May 2016 / 11:24 am

    Gorgeous little loves!
    Loving your hair and how cute does Ava look showing off that little denim dress?
    Kerry’s lemon cake recipe is so fab, I ate loads when I made it the other week.
    Hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend xx
    Morgana recently posted..April #CoffeeWorkReadMy Profile

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