8 Ways to Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are fast approaching and we can’t wait for a break from school runs and a constant lack of time. Obviously it’s important that kids get a break from school work and learning, and have loads of time just to relax, play and sleep!

But I also think it’s good to keep their minds active throughout the six weeks they have off – they often love to learn new things anyway (I know my daughter does) and feel so proud of themselves. So it doesn’t need to be anything too formal and can often just be incorporated into their daily activities.

Here are eight ways to keep kids learning going during the summer holidays:

Keep up with reading

Spend lots of time each week reading some books together. Often during term time we have very little time where we can sit with our child, with no time pressure and just flick through some different books, read them and discuss them and maybe learn some new words. Ava really loves to read, and I think she finds it really exciting that she is now capable of reading and can pick up a book from home that we’ve had for years, and start to read it herself! It’s also lovely to read some more grown up, harder to read books together – I’ll let her read a couple of sentences every so often, with me reading the rest to her, and she really gets into the stories and loves it. For her it’s not just about the reading, it’s about us spending quality time together, and in the holidays we can do that a lot more.

You can also visit your local library and spend some time there – I know Ava loves going there and choosing some new books to take home.

With online learning

Education Quizzes are designed for all children, to help them be successful at school, with their easy and enjoyable quizzes for all key stages. The quizzes are written by teachers and you can get a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time – perfect for over the school holidays. The quizzes can be quick and the child is given an explanation of why their answer was right or wrong, so they can learn from it and you can discuss it together. Ava loves doing things like this right now, so I think they’ll be great for some learning time over the school holidays.

Go on a wildlife adventure outside

Make a list of some creatures on a piece of paper and then take it outside, perhaps with a magnifying glass, and go out into the garden if you have one, or to a park and get your child to see which creatures from the list they can spot in a certain amount of time. You could also have them write down how many legs each creature has for counting work!

Get them to cook with you

Do some baking together and get them to measure the ingredients out themselves to help with recognising numbers and counting. They’ll have loads of fun and won’t even realise they’re learning.

Everyday writing tasks

Get them to write any family birthday cards that are needed, as well as a shopping list for you to go and shop for together. They’ll love feeling grown up and helpful and will feel really satisfied finding all the things they have written down.

Play board games and do puzzles

Board games like Monopoly are great for exercising kids’ minds. They will be practising number recognition, counting, letters and reading and they’ll have lots of fun playing them with you. Ava would play Junior Monopoly every day if she could, unluckily for me.

Learn about a new country

If you are going on holiday over the summer then it’s a perfect opportunity to learn about a new country or city. You can chat to them about where they are, any interesting facts about that place, like the colour and design of a country’s flag, and you can explore the area together.

But they can learn lots about the world at home too. Some of my fondest memories with my dad when I was young are sitting with him and a globe and him teaching me Capitals and telling me about places; I absolutely loved it and knew of lot of Capital Cities from a very young age!

Plant a garden and grow vegetables

Most kids love getting involved with gardening, especially if you grow some herbs or vegetables together that they’ll later get to eat. It’s a fun way for them to learn about where food comes from, and they will be so proud that they have grown something themselves.

Do you have any more ideas for fun ways to keep children’s mind’s active over the school holidays?

This is a collaborative post.

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    16th July 2017 / 11:08 pm

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