Wedding Dresses, Blues and Birthday’s #LittleLoves

It has been a rather uneventful here this week. It was my thirty-first birthday on Tuesday and we spent time with my mum and then went for a meal in the evening which was nice. But other than that we haven’t really done anything. It has been raining and chilly every day and it doesn’t at all feel like it could possibly be summer, let alone the end of July. I remember my birthday’s when I was little always being really hot and sunny (I used to have brilliant bouncy castle parties!), and now they are usually wet and soggy.

Some weeks just plod along slowly and not much happens, and this is one of those, so it isn’t easy to think about the little things that I have enjoyed this week, but here they are…


This really helpful post from Aby at You Baby Me Mummy – How To Write 17 Fabulous Blog Posts A Week. Aby is really generous with her blogging tips and this post is full of ideas to help you get more organised with your blogging and get posting consistently. I have been a lot better at posting a couple of times a week over the last six months or so but I still need to get better, and have lots of posts written in advance, especially as I am going away for four weeks soon, so I really need to take these tips on board.


The brilliantly crap Knight and Day, with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. It was pretty poor as I expected but it was just what I felt like; easy to watch and pretty mindless. Sometimes I just feel like watching a rom-com which doesn’t require a lot of thinking.


This is cheating a bit I’m afraid, as I didn’t actually wear this in the last week – but I haven’t had time to join in with #LittleLoves over the last couple of weeks I had to include it didn’t I?!

I wore this rather simple and boring dress….

What I Wore Wedding

And Ava wore this pretty little dress…

What Ava Wore Wedding

She also wore a little flower crown but I don’t have any pictures of that yet. (Please excuse the quality of these photos – I don’t have any better quality full-length one’s yet).

I’ve also been wearing my new ring of course!!

wedding ring


The rustle of wrapping paper as I opened my birthday presents! This was probably my quietest birthday ever, but after all the wedding chaos it was just what I wanted.


I made a packing list for our trip to Spain and Portugal at the end of August and that is about it! Rubbish I know! Honestly, this is never going to be my strong category. I’m useless at making anything but lists and cups of tea!

And lastly…

The wedding comedown is real people! I have never heard anyone talk about it before, but much like the post-holiday blues, it is hard not to feel rubbish after your wedding is over. All the commotion and excitement and then feeling like a princess for a day and then just going back to normal life after it’s all over has made me feel a bit pants. It’s just such a massive comedown after such a special day isn’t it? I’m soo looking forward to our honeymoon in a few weeks and getting lots of sunshiiine.

Hope you have had a very lovely week xx




  1. 1st August 2015 / 9:55 am

    You looked absolutely beautiful in your dress and how sweet does Ava look?

    I remember the post wedding blues. We got married, went to Thailand on honeymoon and then BAM back to work and reality with a huge THUD!! All you need to do is look back over the beautiful photos and cards you received and smile. You will always have that precious day to look back on… why not start planning your 1st anniversary? LOL!

    Have a great weekend x
    Amy @ Fun Being Mum recently posted..Passports, Christian Grey, Orange Buzz, Trance, Monsters and France! #LittleLovesMy Profile

    • 10th August 2015 / 1:46 pm

      Thanks so much Amy. Oh I love Thailand – we were thinking of going for our honeymoon but as our daughter is coming too we thought we would go somewhere that would be easier. That must have been really hard; I think we’re probably lucky in that we have a big gap in between the wedding and honeymoon so we have that to look forward to. I dread to think how I’ll feel after our trip though!

      That’s true, it will be lovely to look at the photos once we have them xx

  2. 2nd August 2015 / 4:15 pm

    Oh wow, your dress was beautiful! Congratulations on your wedding!

    And you’re right, the wedding come-down is pretty bad…it’s over so fast and suddenly the thing that has taken over all your waking thoughts (and some of your sleeping ones too!) is gone. I felt like a had a blank space for a while…which is why I started my blog back up to give me some focus. I hope your come-down doesn’t last too long – your tip away should hopefully help!

    Sarah Anne recently posted..My handmade wedding bouquetMy Profile

    • 10th August 2015 / 1:57 pm

      Thanks Sarah. Yes! That’s exactly it! Our trip is definitely helping – I can’t wait! x

  3. 4th August 2015 / 10:30 pm

    congratulations! You looked absolutely beautiful and so happy too!!! We’re off to Spain at the end of August too. So excited, started packing his evening. Takes so long with three kids!
    Happy Birthday and have a lovely holiday. Look forward to reading all about it xxx
    Kerry recently posted..3 Ways to Not Let Things Bother YouMy Profile

    • 4th August 2015 / 10:40 pm

      Thank you! Ooh, exciting – whereabouts are you going? I’ve started packing a bit too! Thanks so much; hope you have a lovely holiday too xx

    • 10th August 2015 / 2:03 pm

      Thanks so much Esther! I know, I feel so lucky that we are going away for so long xx

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