Wedding Ideas That Will Really Get The Crowd Going

We all love weddings, right? There really is nothing better than enjoying a good old knees up at a wedding and watching some of your closest friends or relatives getting married! However, all of us have been to so many different weddings, all of which seem to be exactly the same, that they can start to feel a bit boring after a while. That’s why I’m tipping my hat to some couples who dared to be different for their big day! In this blog post, I’m thinking about the details that can really impress all your guests and make them say ‘wow’ before the bride has even walked down the aisle! Not only will all of these ideas make a wedding truly unforgettable, but they will all certainly get the crowd going and ready to party as well!


Pimp The Invitations

Guests will really start to get excited as soon as the invitation comes in the post. And nothing will get them more excited than some pimped up wedding invitations. That is why many couples now prefer to make their own. However, if neither bride or groom is particularly artistic, they often decide to get a designer or illustrator to create some for them. Guests love receiving invites, and will no doubt love displaying pretty ones on the front of their fridge. That way, everyone who visits them will see that they are going to the wedding of the year!


The Sky’s The Limit

Gone are the days of guests having to huddle together in a freezing church for half an hour while the bride and groom do their thing! These days couples try to book venues that will really impress, and might even require all the guests to pick their jaws up off the floor! And I’m talking ones that are even more impressive than your local stately home. Couples are now choosing quirky venues, such as museums and historic libraries. If they live out in the country, couples are choosing to rent a farmer’s land for the day for a true outdoor wedding. But the sky really is the limit thanks to attractions such as the London Eye now hosting wedding ceremonies!


Bring Some Love Birds

People love theatricals, and there is no better place to get the theatricals out than at a wedding. And what better way to show off and put on an excellent show than by releasing a few doves at the end of the wedding ceremony?! Loads of couples are choosing to do this these days. In fact, it is so popular that there are now many specialist companies who will hire out doves for weddings! But why has this become so popular, it can’t just be because it looks really great, right? Well, there is a tradition behind this practice. According to a legend, seeing a dove on your wedding day is a sign that you will have a long and happy life. So why leave everything up to fate, when you can try and have some say in your destiny by releasing some beautiful doves?!


Cook Up A Feast

Who doesn’t love food?! Every wedding has a wedding breakfast, which is a big dinner during the reception after the ceremony. There is no doubt that all of the wedding guests will be suitably excited about this! Traditionally, many couples serve a three-course meal that usually consists of a prawn cocktail starter and roast beef for the main dish. Pudding is often sticky toffee pudding or chocolate fudge cake. However, these traditional dishes are saved at all weddings up and down the country. And that is why lots of couples are now opting for less obvious choices. In fact, fish and chips and pie and peas are now becoming increasingly popular options for wedding receptions. Sure, a roast dinner is nice at a reception, but if you have six weddings to go to this summer, I’m sure you will get bored of them after your third one! That’s probably why these quirky alternatives go down so well with guests. They make a refreshing change and can line the stomach ready for the evening party!

As you can see, there are loads of different ways that couples can really impress their guests and keep them saying ‘wow’ throughout the entire wedding day! One great benefit of moving away from the traditional style of weddings is that the day will be completely unforgettable! And everyone is sure to have an absolute blast! So, who else is looking forward to receiving their next wedding invite?

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