Wedding Wednesday: Trying On My Dress, Flower Dilemmas and Cake

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call to say that my actual wedding dress had arrived at the shop! I had been told after I ordered it that it would most likely be there only a couple of weeks before my wedding (I left wedding dress shopping quite late) and that they would still have plenty of time to make any alterations, but it was still going to be a little bit scary not having tried my actual dress on until that close to my wedding.

Wedding Wednesday Birds and Lilies

So I made an appointment at the shop, and went and tried my actual dress on for the first time! I was very nervous as I ordered a size down from what they measured me as I was planning on losing weight anyway (and I have) and also because the sample dress I tried was supposedly a size 8 and from my measurements they would have ordered me a 12. I didn’t want to have to pay hundreds of pounds for big alterations and also risk the dress changing a bit if loads had to be taken off it.

Ever since ordering my dress I have been pretty worried that when I came to try it on it just wouldn’t fit at all and I would be totally buggered. However it was actually too big! I am really relieved but also feel a bit annoyed as I could probably have done with another size down and then would have had to have (and pay for) less alterations. But hey ho. I can understand why they want you to size up as obviously it is easier to take in a dress rather than take it out, and also you could easily put on a bit of weight, but it’s still frustrating. I knew I wouldn’t put on any weight and would only lose it and now have to pay more money to have it altered. And also I am now a bit worried that it won’t look the same on me once it does fit better and that it will sit differently on my body. But I guess I just have to wait and see now!

Elsewhere, planning has actually been going a lot better these past couple of weeks. I have gone from having so much to do and being quite stressed about it, to having got almost all of the biggest things done plus some smaller bits.

Invitations are finally sorted and we are very happy with them. All but a few have gone out which is a HUGE relief, and as we like the design and the colour fits well with our theme we will most likely be getting our table numbers and table plan from the same company. So they just need ordering when we are ready.

Our favours and place names are almost sorted – we know who is doing them for us – the details just need to be finalised and we are happy with them. We have also ordered our wedding cake.

There are a couple of bigger things that are still left to do; one of which is flowers which I am struggling with. We have had a quote for what I wanted – which I thought was quite simple and mostly using cheaper flowers – but it is going to cost quite a bit more than I thought unless I change loads, and even then it seems a lot for what we would be getting. So much so that I have been considering doing the majority of them myself, which is a bit scary. I would still get my bouquet and a couple of other bits made, but I feel like what I want is so simple for a lot of the flowers that it would probably be totally doable to do them ourselves. However, I really don’t know a great deal about flowers and what if I couldn’t get what I wanted at the time or couldn’t get them to look good? I wish we lived somewhere like London so we had lots of great flower markets we could go to, but I am not sure of anywhere like that around here. I really want to have a little practice but there isn’t loads of time to do that and make a decision and then still get someone to do them for us if that’s what we decide to do. Eeek I don’t know what to do!

We still have to get bridesmaids dresses which I am not really worried about as we will just be getting them from the high-street so there are lots of possibilities; I am just waiting a bit longer to try and find the perfect one before I compromise slightly. And the boy hasn’t sorted his suits out yet but that’s easy enough too and I am leaving that to him.

Other than that it is mostly just buying some bits for decorating the venue that is left to do and making a few decisions about music and readings, and creating a playlist for the DJ.

I feel a lot better about where we are now; the invitations being done are a huge weight off my mind, but the flower situation is bothering me a lot as I just don’t know what to do for the best.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for what to do about flowers, or if you did your own how easy it was and if you would do it again – I need all the help I can get!

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  1. 20th May 2015 / 12:11 pm

    I had my wedding exactly two years ago and I’m no florist but I did all the table flowers myself with my mum and mother in law. If you have something simple it really is easy. I had tulips in square vases from ikea, lilies in tall lily vases and gypsophilia in tubs, which were my favourite and really simple. I used baby formula tinned, sprayed black with silver and gold spray over the top, oasis inside and the poked gyp into it.. Take a look on instagram hashtagbridgemanwedding2013 (I can’t find the hashtag button on this laptop!!), it saved me a fortune and we had loads of flowers. Good Luck Amy

  2. 22nd May 2015 / 11:18 am

    How exciting about the dress – and phew to it fitting, but boo to it being too large. However as long as it’s not masses too large a good seamstress will make it look perfect on you. We had herbs as the centrepiece on our tables in wide/flat terracotta pots which meant we could plant these in advance and avoid too many last minute panics. It worked for us as we had the reception in our garden, I also got some of those supermarket herbs in pots and hung them in pot holders on bare bits of fence! Good luck x
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