A Weekend on The French Riviera: Why You Should Head Off Now

Have you seen the Moomins on the Riviera? Besides from being a cute and hilarious movie, you can also enjoy those perfectly magical drawings that come with Tove Jansson’s stories. The movie is also a bit relatable, in its own way, making it quite clear that we don’t need to carry an entire year’s worth of salary to have a good time in such a beautiful part of the world.

Although we’d probably not jet off to Monaco and pretend to be super wealthy with as much ease as Moominpappa, we’ll take a weekend on the Riviera any day of the year – but the best time to pretend to be rich and famous in Monaco is now.

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Here is a handy guide to how you can enjoy the tiny country in style and grace, without spending much money at all.


While it’s always a good idea to book hotel rooms early to save as much as possible, it’s not always realistic as we’d like to be spontaneous once in a while. Such as now, for example. It’s still opportunities for finding somewhere to stay without paying up too much, though, and your chances are particularly high if you think outside of the most conventional tourist traps.

Regular people live and work in Monaco too, you know, so why not borrow a room from one of them at Airbnb?

You can probably find an entire apartment to stay in as well if you’re bringing your whole family. It’s a good idea to consider renting a place from an estate agency, by the way, as they have no issues with renting out to foreigners at all.

Alternatively, head over to Nice and spend an hour on the bus to get back, enjoying one of the most beautiful views of the coastline in the world. Take the train instead, if you’re not all about the view or just in a hurry, as it takes about thirty minutes instead.

Walk and bus

We’ve been saving ourselves for the Riviera for so long because we need to be rich and successful first, right? Luckily, it only seems like the tourists there are swimming in it because everything looks so beautiful and luxurious; the middle class is, in fact, there as well – they are just enjoying the view by foot or by bus.

The public transport system in Monaco is actually quite extensive, and you get around for next to nothing when you’re tired of walking. It’s not a very big place, though, but it’s good to know that a comfortable bus seat awaits you.

The bus ticket will also cover the famous Bateau Bus that crosses the harbour every twenty minutes, by the way, making it easier than ever to get from A to B without having a car of your own.

Needless to say, you’ll find a variety of tourist attractions and beautiful sights to take in for free. Walk in the public gardens, let the cathedral awe you, and you’ll fit right in – just like Moominpappa.

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