Well, that was a shit couple of weeks…

Man alive – the last couple of weeks has been hellish! I was massively looking forward to a couple of weeks off with my girl; I worked hard (ish) to get enough work done, I got the house in order (ish), and I had a load of fun plans for the two of us, including lots of park time, cinema, the farm with her cousin, a family barbeque and seeing friends for lunch. But you know happens when you make plans don’t you?

Yes, you get completely fucked in the face (pardon mon français) with the worst sickness bug that has hit your house in years and are taken out for a week and a half between you. Ava got it Monday to Friday, I thought it would be fun to join in and overlap whilst the husband was out and got it very suddenly on the Friday evening until I started to feel better last Wednesday.

I have not felt that poorly in years and years; I could only lie in one position which made it pretty hard trying to deal with my screaming five-year-old in the middle of the night whilst the husband had a fun drunken night out. I’m not bitter at all.

Ahh, if ever there was a need for the C word in a blog post.

So yeah, as the days slowly rolled by I had to keep cancelling things day by day, and continued to get more and more down in the dumps.

Don’t you find that illness often does that to you? You feel shit for days, barely eat, except for the odd Ginger Nut/Digestive, so don’t get any goodness, can’t make yourself drink enough water because you don’t wanna rush to the bathroom again, plus you’re missing out on life – and then when you finally start to make it back into the land of the living, your skin is dry and your lips are peeling, you have no energy to catch up with work and housework and make yourself some vegetables, and your mood is low as fuck. It all just goes on toooo long. Especially when it’s the flipping Easter hols and you want some fun with your kiddo!

Luckily we were recovered enough just in time to eat all the chocolate on Sunday, and my child didn’t go back to school until today so we had a wee bit more time to celebrate not being ill and partake in some park and Beauty and the Beast action (wonderful film!).

Here’s to being well!!


  1. Keri Jones
    21st April 2017 / 11:12 am

    Oh no! Not fun at all. So glad you are both feeling better xx

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