What You Should Buy and When

With the UK leaving the EU there’s has been a lot of uncertainty with regards to our economical state. This has led people to be cautious when spending their money. It has never even crossed my mind that some products are likely to be cheaper at different times of year, which I’m sure is the same for a lot of people. To help with that MyVoucherCodes have put together a monthly buying guide so we can see what month or season is best to buy certain products. We all want to save a bit of money if we can, don’t we?

Some are quite obvious – like buying Christmas products is cheaper in January and garden furniture in Autumn once summer is over and the demand is higher. But I wouldn’t have expected December to be the best time to buy a Coffee Machine (I’ve literally just bought one – maybe I should have waited a bit!). I’ll be sure to stock up on chocolate in April and wine in November from now on! ;)

Check out the infographic below to see when is the best to time to buy different items.

What You Should Buy and When

what you should buy and when

Seasonal Buying Calendar – An infographic by the team at MyVoucherCodes.

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