When It All Goes To Sh*t…

When It All Goes To Shit | Birds and Lilies

Recently I have been working really hard on blogging and it’s been paying off; my views have increased, people have been talking about my posts and giving me great feedback, and I was feeling like I was finally getting somewhere. It’s obviously not all about the page views, but having people respond well to something you have written is a lovely thing and makes all your hard work feel worth it.

Then last week Ava got ill (again!) and we had to deal with a sickness bug for days. I got a bit done but obviously my main priority was looking after my daughter so I lost a couple of days. I didn’t feel great either at the same time. Then this week I’ve been poorly (and still am). We went to Cadbury World on Sunday for a lovely blogging event and then boom on Monday I had a really bad cold which has become some kind of strange sickness thing. I feel so weird and so sick, and it doesn’t seem to be progressing, just hanging around for too long.

I was in bed all day yesterday and I really wanted to be again today but I had too much to do. I’ve lost days where I really needed to be working on important blog stuff, and the worst thing is I’m going to Manchester on Friday for a Christmas blogging event with the Co-op which I’m really looking forward to so I need to feel well before then. I haven’t been able to look after myself properly this week and do the usual pampering I would normally do before a night out so I’m going to feel a bit crappy about myself anyway, which is rubbish. But I really would appreciate it if I felt better before the actual day.

It’s just frustrating that bloody loop that life throws you for when you kind of vaguely, almost felt on top of things for a little while there (only blogging stuff don’t worry – I’ll never feel on top of our ever-disintegrating house or the ironing pile/mountain). Then suddenly I haven’t written a post for days, barely been on social media, and my to do list keeps on getting longer and longer. It’s so overwhelming, and I hate feeling like this and not being able to do anything about it. But I know it happens sometimes and we just have to (try and) accept it and get back to normal when we can. It’s just very bad timing as I’m quite nervous about the Co-op event, so I wanted to try and feel good about myself – and now it’s less than two days away and I don’t have anything to wear.

FML, woe is me, and all the other shit people say when they’re feeling sorry for themselves…

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