5 Reasons Why You Should Choose All-Inclusive for Your Family Holiday

Going on holiday once you have had children is a very different kettle of fish to going on a child-free trip. It requires a lot more planning, and ideally an acceptance that you are not going to be lying on a beautiful beach all day, with a book in one hand, and a cocktail in the other.

With that in mind, deciding on the type of holiday you go for is important. An all-inclusive holiday at a resort can help with making a family holiday so much easier and therefore enjoyable for all of you.

I’ve been on an all-inclusive holiday before and loved the ease of it all – it was brilliant and so relaxing. I do love different types of holidays for different things, and sometimes it’s nice trying different restaurants around the resort, but for a family holiday that is as relaxing as possible, you can’t go wrong with all-inclusive.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose all-inclusive for your family holiday:

Budget friendly

It’s great knowing that when you book a holiday pretty much everything you need is already included and you don’t have to worry how much you’ll be spend on top of your flights and accommodation each day. With all-inclusive, all of your food and drink is already included so you don’t have to worry about spending loads on meals out and drinks per head. It also means that when the kids want their third ice-cream of the day by the poolside you don’t have to worry about how much they’re costing you!

You can get some great all-inclusive deals that mean you can get a really budget-friendly holiday with everything included, that doesn’t have to cost you more than a self-catering holiday.


An all-inclusive holiday makes it easier with kids not having to worry about finding somewhere to eat every evening, and spend time looking for somewhere suitable with grumpy, hungry kids! Food and drink is always available when you need it, plus you usually get a great variety so the kids can try new things without you worrying about them not eating it.

Being able to completely relax

I think there’s something about having everything already paid for and right where you need it. You can completely switch off, relax and let the kids play in the pool whilst knowing that everything you need is right there. Everything is taken care of for you after booking your holiday so you can concentrate on getting away from it all.

The chance to try new things

Going all-inclusive allows you to make full use of your hotel, and try some new activities – which is especially great for the kids. Often things like watersports and other daily activities are included in your holiday, so the children can experience different things and see what they enjoy and you can get a little break too, all without the risk of you wasting money on something they may not like.

Family fun and meeting other families

You can choose an all-inclusive resort that is suitable for families and get all the benefits of that. There will be loads of other families there which gives kids the opportunity to make some new holiday friends and have loads of fun and is likely to feel nice and safe too, so you can relax.

Often, resorts will also offer kids’ clubs and babysitters which means you can have a nice bit of time to yourself to read a book and enjoy a cocktail in the sun for a couple of hours, or have dinner without the kids one evening. There’s also likely to be decent entertainment in the evenings, perfect for the children to enjoy.

Have you ever gone on an all-inclusive holiday? Would you like to?

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