Wonderful // Blah


My mumma is staying with Ava and I this weekend. Yay, my huge pile of ironing will finally get done!!! I’m kind of joking.

It’s March tomorrow. This month it’s the boy’s birthday and we’re going to Whitby.

Ava is so much fun!

I have fallen in love again. We just got an iPad. IPad iPad iPad iPad iPad.

And Netflix! We are trying it out for the free month. I have watched four films in three days. Before that I hadn’t watched a film in months. Rom Com Ahoy.


// Blah

Ava is sleeping terribly. Blah blah blah.

I am poorly AGAIN. The third time this year. It’s only freaking February. Everything hurts. Woe is me.

It’s March tomorrow. How is it March already? I still think 2011 was last year (I’m sure it takes me a few months every single year to realise that the year has changed).

I have so much to do and I am POORLY AGAIN. I am rather annoyed. Especially because I generally eat well, take vitamins, drink lots of water and think about exercise regularly. Unfair.

The boy is going away for a few days tomorrow for a stag do. We will miss him. Even more I will miss being able to make him change pooey nappies.


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