Wondering About The Pros And Cons Of Winter Holidays?

When it comes to time abroad, many of us fall into the trap of summer holidays. It’s just what we do! But, it’s not the only option. Winter holidays are fast increasing in popularity, and it’s no surprise. There are real pros to this option. That said, there are cons as well. We’re going to outline both here in an attempt to help you decide whether winter time away would suit you.

Pro: Chance to avoid the crowds

A major downside to going away during summer, are crowds. When everyone heads to sunny destinations at the same time, things get busy. It’s hardly the relaxing atmosphere you were after! And, those crowds mean you have to book up well in advance. Most people book their summer holidays up to six months before they go away!

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Con: More will be shut out of season

Avoiding the crowds may be a plus, but many tourist attractions shut up shop as soon as the crowds leave. So, you may miss out on activities that you’d love to do. In particularly tourist heavy destinations, you may even find that businesses shut up shop during quiet months. So, you may find yourselves with less to do than you would have otherwise.

Pro: You can avoid the scorching heat

Winter vacations are fantastic for heat haters. While some of us love soaking in the sun, others can think of nothing worse. As such, they spend their time away trying to get away from the heat. During a winter holiday, you could always opt to visit somewhere like Iceland. With an average winter temperature of 0 degrees, there’s no chance of overheating here.

Con: It might get too cold

If you’re one of those who loves to seek the sun, there is the risk that a winter holiday will be too cold for you. It’s your one chance to get out the bikini, but you can’t even enjoy that without freezing to death! If you want warmth all year round, head somewhere like Spain’s Canary Islands. These boast warm temperatures all year round, so a holiday to Lanzarote this winter could be your best bet. The coldest this island gets is 17 degrees during January. It’s not boiling, but it’s bearable.

Pro: Breaks up the winter

One thing that’s never made much sense about summer holidays is the fact that we leave our beautiful weather behind. Surely it makes more sense to head off when our days are long, and the rain is forever falling? It’s the best way to break up the long winter and get a fix of sunshine when you need it most.

Con: You’ll need to consider when you could go

School term times are often a major deciding factor for any family holiday. It’s why most of us make the most of the six weeks off in summer. When going away in winter, your options are limited. You’ll either need to head off during half term or opt for a Christmas holiday.

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