Ava: 26 Months

Ava at the library

Loves: her building blocks, Justin Time (a children’s TV programme), our cats, dancing with mummy, her pull-along Brio doggy, splashing in puddles, being cheeky, socks and wearing as many as possible at a time, having her toe nails cut (?!), walking, chasing the cats, playing with the cats tails, kissing the cats, annoying the cats, ignoring mummy and running away.

Dislikes: having her nappy changed, getting dressed, doing as she is told, sitting in trolley’s, not being allowed to walk somewhere i.e around the supermarket (I’ve only got two hands!), mummy going to the loo (??!).

Favourite Foods: Butternut Squash Risotto, Pizza, chocolate buttons, Pate sandwiches, Egg sandwiches, chocolate buttons.

Favourite Toy: Her pull-along Brio dog ‘Doggy’. I tried to call him Humphrey, but she insists on Doggy. He even came on a walk with us the other day and is only slightly worse the wear for it. And also Woofy (the Sheep) as usual. My girl is really imaginative when it comes to names. ‘Woofy’ is only ‘Woofy’ because she thinks he’s a dog. Plus there’s two Woofy’s. Like I said; imaginative.

Favourite Book: She’s not been as interested in her books recently, despite getting lots of lovely new one’s for Christmas. But we went to the library this week and spent some time there and got a few books out and she’s started showing a bit of an interest again.

Challenges this month: EVERYTHING! She is one difficult child suddenly this month. She is testing out her boundaries to their limits, and mine. The week before last was awful, so….. getting her to listen to me, trying not to say ‘no’ too much, trying not to yell at her, getting out of the house (after chasing her around for an hour and repacking her bag/my bag/everything after she has unpacked it for a tenth time, and doing her shoes up again and changing her bum again – not her fault I know), stopping her from chasing/hitting/throwing things at/getting scratched by/kissing to death – the cats, stopping her from pulling my hair, getting through breakfast without twenty meltdowns…. and the rest!

It’s an amazing but difficult time! I can’t believe it’s March already – it’s the boys 30th birthday next week! We’ve got lots going on and I’ve got to wrap all the millions of presents I’ve bought him (and I’m a crap wrapper; rapping on the other hand I’m pretty good at), so I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. Hope you have a good one!

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