Hot off the Press: Top Fashion Tips for Your Kids

Today’s youngsters love high-end fashion as much as their parents, and Strawberry Children are proud to offer their fashion tips which will ensure your little ones stand out from the crowd for their effortless style credentials!

Invest in Quality

Like adults, most children will have certain key pieces in their wardrobe that they wear regularly and build a look around. A few investment pieces will be of excellent quality, which will really show. For example, you might want to invest in a great pair of jeans and a special shirt for your little boy, and a basic t-shirt, skirt or jacket for your little girl. Don’t forget that every little girl also needs a standout party dress too.

pink dress

Have Fun With T-Shirts

Slogan t-shirts are really fun for children with fun, quirky and cheeky messages from all the biggest brands. These slogan tees work well with jeans, shorts, skirts and in fact most other wardrobe pairings, whether they are dressed up or down.

t shirt

Over-Size Proportions Can Work Brilliantly

A huge hat or a large pair of sunglasses can look really fun and cute on your child. Don’t be afraid to mix up your proportions in the same way that you would with an adult wardrobe. For example, mix skinny jeans with a loose and flowing top, or team a close-fitting sweater with casual skater shorts.


Everyone Needs a Leather Jacket

The ultimate in kids designer clothes has to be a leather jacket, and the great thing is it will last for ages because it can be worn extra-tight once your little one starts to shoot up. Buy a size up to start with and let them batter and put the leather through its paces for a fantastically authentic look.

Embrace Patterns

Kids can wear really fun and bright patterns, so go wild, especially with your younger ones. Feel free to mix and match too – the rules are different for them. Florals are always on-trend, as are graphic prints, paisley and neon brights.


Remember Accessories

Even a simple outfit can be transformed into something wonderful with the addition of a floral headband, sparkling wrist cuff, cute handbag, over-sized sunglasses, bright urban trainers or a fun scarf. Remember to pick up on-trend accessories, and these will instantly bring last season’s outfit bang up to date. This cute Armani Reversible striped hat is the perfect accessory for summer.

kids hat

Above All

Have fun with kids fashion. This is a stage in their lives when your children can express themselves completely freely and look wonderful as they do it. So what if they want to layer up shirts, wear a boxy knit with a prom skirt or sport colourful tights with a classic party dress?

The beauty of youthful attitude means that they will always look fantastic and really feel as though they are being authentic. It’s a great approach to encouraging an early love of fashion. The ‘rules’ can come later on – if they choose to follow them, that is.

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