7 Reasons to Go to Mauritius With Kids

When you think of Mauritius you probably think of beautiful white sand and clear crystal waters – the perfect place to go for a romantic and relaxing holiday as a couple. That’s exactly how I think of it – but of course when you have kids you need to look for a holiday destination that is good for all of you, and Mauritius has lots for families to enjoy.


Mauritius is a French speaking island in the Indian Ocean, off the Southeast coast of Africa. It is known for its sparkling turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, and has a landscape of lagoons, reefs, rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and exotic wildlife. As well as it’s beauty, Mauritius has lots of exciting activities so it can be the perfect holiday destination for families who are after a bit of both.

Here are 7 reasons why I would love to go to Mauritius with my family:

1. The beautiful beaches

Ava absolutely loves to be on the beach and play about in the sea, so we would of course spend plenty of time relaxing and having fun on the beaches. We could also take it in turns to relax with a good book whilst the others play. The calmest beaches are on the west coast with nice shallow waters perfect for little ones.

Mauritius with kids

2. The exotic wildlife

Mauritius has an amazing array of birds and animals, that Ava would absolutely love to see. On the island of Ile aux Aigrettes, which is located off the southeast coast of Mauritius, there are thousands of endangered species like kestrels, pink pigeons, and giant Aldabra tortoises.

There’s also Casela Safari Park, where you can see some of Africa’s biggest animals. You can also interact with rabbits, fawns, giant tortoise and Joe the iguana at the petting zoo, have pony and camel rides and visit the aviary. On a wild safari you could see ostriches, zebras, impalas, kudus, nyalas, bengal tigers and the two white rhinos!

There are loads of places in Mauritius to see tons of amazing animals, and it would be amazing to witness Ava getting to see them.

3. The diverse culture and people

Mauritius is sometimes referred to as the ‘Continent-Island’ due to its diverse cultures and ethnicities, and Mauritians are known for being lovely and friendly, and visitors to the island are apparently made to feel very welcome.

Mauritius with kids

I think it’s so important for children to experience different cultures and see that not everyone lives the same way we do, so it would be great to explore the island with A and see it for ourselves.

4. See dolphins in their natural habitat

Mauritius with kids

It would be wonderful for all of us to get to watch dolphins playing about in the wild in the bay, or to go out on a boat trip together to see them further out at sea. Ava would adore it, and I would too.

5. Go underwater in a submarine

This sounds AMAZING and I want to do it so much! In Mauritius you can take a two-hour under-water excursion in a submarine in which you can enjoy great views of the Indian Ocean from 35 metres below sea level! It looks so cool, and I think it would be incredible seeing all of the sealife from a submarine.

6. The food

Mauritius has such a wide range of different cuisines which makes it great for kids. They combine different world foods, such as Indian curries, Asian stir-fries, and Creole stews to create their own unique flavors. For picky eaters, there should be something for every palate, especially when it comes to kids.

7. Ziplining and other activities

Mauritius has loads of different activities for kids and adults of all ages, and lots of things you can all do together. Ziplining is very popular and at The Casela Nature Park there is a series of ziplines – one of which is said to be the longest in the Indian Ocean! I would really love to go on that!

There is tons of other stuff to do – both adventurous and less so, including quad biking, swimming in natural pools, abseiling or hiking, as well as loads of different watersports, and even a pirate ship cruise!

Mauritius with kids

It seems like such a family-friendly island, with loads of resorts that cater especially for families with kids clubs and babysitting services.

I never would have thought of Mauritius as a potential holiday destination for our family, but it seems like the perfect mix of beach, culture and activities to keep everyone entertained and happy, and I hope we get to visit the beautiful island one day.

Have you ever been to Mauritius or have you ever thought about going?

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