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This is a new blog series where I share my ‘things’ of the week!

-Photo OTW:
image– I love how free and happy Ava looks as she runs across the beach towards me. She loved it at the beach; in the fresh air with the beautiful scenery and her family around her. She looks so cute in her little suit and hat, and I love how blue the sky was. Looking at this photo makes me happy.

– Blog post OTW: The Best Defence for Breastfeeding in Public – Last week it was World Breastfeeding Week, and I love that this post was written by a man, it’s funny and true.

– Product OTW: Fushi Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – There is a bit of a buzz around Coconut Oil or Cream at the moment, which I didn’t realise until I started googling it after I purchased this one from Fushi. Coconut Oil has amazing internal and external benefits including being an anti-ageing moisturiser, hair conditioner, it can increase our metabolism, increase immunity, improve digestion and loads more. I’m using it as a face moisturiser at night and I’m going to start cooking with it too. I love that it’s completely natural, and it’s cheap for the amount you get and how long it lasts. I’m also hoping it’s going to clear up the breakout of spots I’m annoyingly getting at the moment.

– Kids thing OTW: Ava’s new sand and water table from Tesco Home Plus – She’s been loving playing with this in our garden in the red hot weather and constantly asks to go outside (or ‘hi’ – her attempt at outside!). I think this is really good for £20 (it’s actually £16 at the moment) with the separate sides for sand and water, all the toys and bits you get with it, and with the lids to cover each side so it can be left outside. We’ve played with this loads already and we’ve only had it a few weeks.

– Food OTW:
image– We had this for dinner on a really hot day when we just didn’t fancy hot food. It was really good. I love love love cured meats and cheese. There may also have been another plate full of ciabatta, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and fried mushrooms that desperately needed eating!

– YouTube video OTW: I’ve seen this video of the baby Panda sneezing before, but I’ve just come across it again and I love it.

– Ava’s new word OTW: Luvvie – when I tell her ‘I love you’ she says this back to me now! Makes me so happy!

– Tweet OTW: “And the good news just keeps coming. Take risks, work hard, be passionate and great opportunities WILL come!!!” This one comes from Natasha Clark @Raising_Men

– Want OTW: I’ve wanted to try Nars Sheer Glow Foundation for aaaages, I’ve heard really good things about it and it sounds like the type of foundation I would like. However, it’s £30.50 and I just can’t justify spending so much on something that doesn’t last me that long. I’ve never ever tried a high-end foundation and I really want to, although I do like my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which apparently is a good competitor for the high-end foundations.

– Highlight OTW: On Sunday I ran Race for Life, which is a sponsored event for Cancer Research UK, where you can run, walk or dance your way over a 5k distance. I have taken part about five times now and usually walk/run it, but this year I decided I would make an effort and challenge myself and run as much of it as I could, seeing as I have been exercising and was therefore hoping I am a bit fitter. Well, I actually managed to run most of it! I walked for some of the first kilometre as it was really crowded and I wanted to start off slowly (and was also busy chatting to my sister!), but I ran (very slowly) for the majority of the rest of it! I’m rather pleased seeing as I haven’t run for years, and the last time I attempted it I literally got round the corner from my house before I couldn’t go on. I’m serious. It’s always a lovely and emotional day, seeing all the women turn out to raise money for something so important, and reading their back signs ALWAYS makes me cry (everyone wears a sign on their back with who they are running for – someone who has been affected by or who has sadly lost their lives to cancer). I think next year I will walk it with Ava, it will be lovely to have her involved. This year she came and supported me. :)

Race for Lifeimageimage

{If you’d like to sponsor me for Race for Life for Cancer Research, you can do it here. Thanks so much.}

I’d love to hear any of your ‘things’ of the week – are there any particular blog posts or videos that have stood out to you that you think I might like? Share them in the comments section!

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