Our Summer Holiday to Cornwall

Summer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallWe have recently just come back from Cornwall where we were on holiday for a week with Paul’s family. Oh my goodness we had such an amazing time, the weather was amazing; red hot and sunny all week, the area was gorgeous, Ava had a great time, we ate loads of amazing food, and the company wasn’t bad either.

We stayed in this tiny hamlet near Padstow in a really cute cottage. The cuteness was a bit of a pain though as open staircases, very low windowsills and breakable knick knacks everywhere is rather difficult with a toddler. Especially my extremely energetic one (read: never stops). One really lovely thing about where we stayed was that there was a horsey who lived in the field at the end of our little road called Mo. You know you spend too much time talking to your toddler and no-one else when you write horsey rather than horse. (Pussy cats, bunny rabbits, wee wee’s, and poo poo’s also feature quite heavily in my vocabulary.) She learnt to say horse or rather ‘horshey’ (so cute!) and asked to go and see her every time we were home, and loved holding her hand flat and feeding her grass and apple! There were also lots of friendly dogs and cats (and people) on the street so it was perfect for my animal-obsessed girl.

After spending so much time with her Grandma and aunty and uncle she kind of learnt to say their names, or gave them cute nicknames; Lisa is now Leelee and Grandma is Grammy (oh, melts my heart!!). Ava liked to carry Grammy’s bag around with her and even though she could pretty much say ‘bag’ before the holiday, this week Grammy’s bag was merged together to become ‘bammy’!!! So Grammy’s bammy and all other bag’s are now called bammy’s. And as with all of her other words, I can’t help saying them too. “Shall we go and see Grammy, have you got your bammy, let’s just change your nap nap, oh look there’s a pussy cat”.

Summer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallTrying out the miraculous Snoozeshade for the first time {more on this later}.

We had lots of wonderful days at the beach. The beaches in Cornwall are freaking gorgeous, and I always think they are probably the only beaches in England to rival those abroad (I might be wrong as I haven’t been everywhere…. but I can’t be because I’m never wrong). The sea was a beautiful blue-green (still brrr), with gorgeous long stretches of sand, surrounded by amazing cliffs. Ohh I wanna go back. Ava bloody loved being on the beach; the one we went to the most, Porthcothan, had loads of lovely little pools next to the rocks that warmed up in the sunshine, so they were perfect for Ava (who was a little afraid of the sea) to paddle in, and to splash Daddy in. I got her a little fish dingy for her to splash about and keep cool in which she loved and we also bought one of those half tents to create some shade for her. Not that she would stay anywhere near it, there was too much fun to be had. Plus there was Grandma to be dragged around by little miss bossy boots herself. If you want to have a bit of fun, or indeed drive yourself crazy, try putting suncream onto a toddler. It sure is a barrel of laughs. Or something like that. It’s a freaking nightmare. And my little girl is surprisingly strong. Anyway! We managed to go the whole week without her burning, a fact which I am rather proud of to say that toddler+beach+sand+in and out of water+scorching sun+wriggly limbs+thick organic kids suncream = AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHCDSLBSDKFUD$&@!£!:!£:?

For those of you who have tried this fun, not-to-be-missed activity, you know what I mean right?? I was skinny by the end of each beach day.

 Summer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to CornwallSummer Holiday to Cornwall

Padstow is famous for being Rick Stein – land, as that is where he has lots of restaurants, shops and bakeries. We ate twice at his lovely, relaxed but smart pub ‘The Old Ship’ and one night we took his fish and chips home to eat. After all that, plus a barbeque, mojitos, cream teas on the beach (not easy!) and plenty of wine, my belly was rather more rotund than it had started off at the beginning of the holiday. Lots of walking, some kayaking and carrying a heavy toddler and all the accoutrements needed for a day at the beach all the way down the beach somehow meant that I didn’t put on a single pound! I was shocked I’m telling you. Especially because I felt bigger. I love the difference exercise is making to my life.

We had an amazing holiday and I didn’t want to come home, I love Cornwall!


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