Piece of me – 24/01/13

You want a piece of me? Ok, here you go. This is exactly how I am feeling and what is going through my head at this moment in time.

I’m hungry.
I hope Ava stays asleep for a while longer, at least so I can drink my Jasmine tea before it gets cold.
I’m tired, my eyes hurt, I’ve got a migraine. But I’m in a good mood.
I must put the next load of washing on.
What shall I give Ava for lunch? I’m having soup. And bread, definitely bread. Ooh there’s some Chorizo in the fridge. Mmm Chorizo.
Ava looks so cute when she’s sleeping.
My tea!
My neck aches. I need a massage.
Ooh I wonder what’s happening on Twitter. I want to read my Blog, Inc. book though. And watch YouTube videos.
I hope Ava stays asleep for another hour (no chance) so that I can do all the things I want to do.
I need to blow my nose… Quietly quietly, don’t wake the baby.
I just tried to put the headphone adaptor bit into my ear.
I need sleep.
Ooh my wedding magazine; I must book some venues to look at.
Oh-oh the baby moved. KEEP STILL LOUISE. Don’t breathe.
Settle down cat. Why do you always have a mad half hour when the baby’s asleep? Grrr.
Oh she’s awake. Sssshhhh, ssssshhhhh.
Oh, damn.

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