Sunday Schmooze {No.1}


1. I’m going to try to write a post every Sunday (we’ll see how that goes – wish me luck); A Sunday Schmooze: a chatty post where I talk (ramble?!) about the happenings of my week or whatever is currently tickling my fancy (rude?). This is the first one.

2. We went back to Ava’s toddler group this week after the Christmas break (it started last week but we had a sickness bug AGAIN); she is suddenly one of the loud confident one’s! She just wants to hug and love everyone all the time, it’s so cute. She shouted “bye everybody, love you” when we left! Because it was Ava’s birthday over the holidays she got to wear the birthday hat and everyone sang to her. :)


4. I’ve recently realised sells quite a few things that we sometimes struggle to get hold of like Ava’s snacks and my echinacea and raspberry tea, and most things are cheaper than buying them from the supermarket if you buy them in a bit of a bulk. I’ve become a bit addicted this week to trying to think of things that we already get that amazon might sell cheaper to save some money!

5. We had a lovely Carrot and apple fresh juice at my mum and step-dad’s this week and I love the feeling it gives me putting something really healthy inside of me. I do make some green smoothies at home but I really want to try to do a few a week and put things we already have in the house into them; like coconut oil, almond milk and coconut water; to get lots of goodness into all of us. I’m having trouble getting Ava to drink anything other than water (which is all she’s ever drunk, except milk of course), but we made progress the other day when she tried two sips of carrot and apple juice. It’s a start people, it’s a start.

Hope you had a great week!

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