The Aperol Spritz Cocktail

I don’t go out much any more. I’m a big saddo. But if I did then I’d probably have known that an Aperol Spritz cocktail has become very popular this year. I’d actually never even heard of Aperol until recently and had no idea what it is. But this cocktail has been popular for years in Europe and this year everyone who’s anyone has started drinking it here too.

Aperol Spritz Cocktail

Aperol is an aperitif from Italy that has been around since 1919 and has never been changed since then. It is a blend of bitter and sweet oranges, rhubarb, and other herbs and roots. The most popular way to drink it is as a cocktail, the Aperol Spritz. It’s a really simple one to make and just contains Aperol, Prosecco, Soda, ice and orange slices.

Aperol SpritzAperol AperitifThe Aperol Cocktail

The Aperol Spritz is super easy to make; all you have to do is get a large wine glass, throw in some ice, add 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, a splash of soda, and then throw in some orange slices. I think it’s one of those that’s good to adjust to your personal taste though. I added a bit more Prosecco (always the right thing to do), and then a touch more Aperol and I liked it with lots of orange in it.

It’s sweet but not too sweet (I don’t like things being too sweet) and is really refreshing. It would be especially lovely in the summer but is nice anytime.

Aperol pourAn aperol spritz cocktailThe Aperol Spritz Cocktail

You can watch the video on how to make the perfect Aperol Spritz here:

Have you ever tried an Aperol Spritz? Does it sound like something you would like?

This is a collaboration post with Aperol Spritz.


  1. Emma W
    2nd November 2015 / 8:20 pm

    I haven’t tried one but all the cool kids were drinking them all over Italy, I was very intrigued to find out what they were and figured it out in the end! x

    • 2nd November 2015 / 8:21 pm

      You can come round and try one if you like! x

      • Emma W
        2nd November 2015 / 8:25 pm

        Thanks, I am intrigued by what they taste like! x

  2. 3rd November 2015 / 8:38 pm

    I don’t go out much either and haven’t heard of this, but it looks very nice and refreshing?
    angela recently posted..Easy Steak PieMy Profile

  3. 9th November 2015 / 12:21 am

    I’ve been meaning to try an Aperol Spritz cocktail for awhile but I’ve always thought it might be a bit to sweet. So, I’m glad you’ve actually said that it’s sweet but not too sweet. I’ll definitely be trying one soon now.

    Laura x
    Laura recently posted..The Stay at Home Crowd #1My Profile

  4. 9th November 2015 / 7:23 pm

    Never heard of this drink. Would have given it a try but can’t drink Prosecco sadly.

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