The Barbie Colour-Change Bag {A Review}

Barbie Bag up close
Sometimes your child gets a new toy that you are not sure you are going to like but end up thinking it’s great. The Barbie Colour-Change Bag is exactly one of those things.

The Barbie Colour-Change bag magically changes colour to match any outfit. All you have to do is hold the bag against an item of clothing and press the button on the bag and watch it change colour to match what you are wearing. It’s very cool. And it’s not just Ava that thinks so; I can often be found taking it around the house seeing if it matches with all sorts of things. I have no idea how it works; I reckon it must be magic, there’s no other possible explanation. Supposedly it’s state-of-the-art colour-change technology but surely that’s just a longer way of saying magic.

The Barbie bag is the winner of the Toy Fair Best New Toy Awards 2014 in the Role-Play category, has been selected by Hamley’s as one of their Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2014 and is included in Amazon’s Christmas Wish List 2014, and I can understand why, it’s a lot of fun for little one’s (and possibly big one’s too).

Ava PosingA with her Barbie Bag

There are a couple of negatives. Although it is a bag, you can only fit really small things in it because of where the colour-change magical bit sits (it goes through a hole in the bag and comes out the back so that it can ‘read’ the colour of the clothing). It is not a huge problem because it is more about what it does than the fact it is a bag I think, but Ava has tried to put larger things in it, to no avail. Also, it is obviously plasticky looking, but whatever; we can’t all be wooden-toy snobs all the time.

It is brightly coloured and comes with some little accessories to make your bag look cooler (that do tend to get a bit lost), as well as a miniature version of the bag (no magic features) for your Barbie. Ava doesn’t actually have a Barbie yet (hi, Santa) but it’s probably a nice, tiny addition so kiddies can make their Barbie be just like them. It is recommended for children aged three to seven, but Ava is two and a half and she loves it. It’s a nice size so that children could carry it around with them and something that they could take out with them to keep them entertained for a little while. We have used it a lot and the batteries still seem to be going strong (batteries are included), and there is an on/off switch inside the bag which is great for when it gets put away so that it doesn’t keep getting pressed. It is also well-made and sturdy.

Barbie Colour Change BagA and her Barbie Bag

Lots of places stock the Barbie Colour Change Bag including Hamleys, Argos and Amazon (cheapest at £23.99 at the moment), and it would be a fun Christmas present to have for kids to show off to friends and family.

A Happy Smiley Ava                                                                                                                Happy to be posing for Mummy’s pictures….

Would I buy it myself? I thiiink so. I really like it, Ava really likes it, but it is quite expensive for a children’s toy, so it would have to be a Christmas or birthday present and I would keep stalking Amazon to see if it ever went any cheaper.

We were sent the Barbie Colour-Change Bag to review, but all thoughts, opinions and magical imaginings are my own.

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  1. 27th October 2014 / 1:26 pm

    And I have to say, as Granny, that I thought at first I wouldn’t like the bag, but it really is amazing….I think there is magic involved :-)

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